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"M. K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University"

Institute of Natural Sciences

Pedagogical Department


International Scientific and Practical Conference


(October 12-13, 2018)





                                             The conference is held with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research




Dear colleagues!


We invite you to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Vector of the Development of Modern Natural Science Education" on October 12-13, 2018.


The objectives of the conference: discussion of theoretical and practical issues of natural science education, its current state and prospects for development, the search for innovative ways to improve the methods of teaching, educating and developing young people, establishing contacts between specialists and scientists from different regions of Russia and foreign countries to share experiences gained at all levels of natural science education - from primary school to higher education.


The languages ​​of the conference: Russian and English. Detailed information about the conference you can find on the conference website


Students, undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists (without any academic degree, with a candidate of science degree or PhD, whose age does not exceed 35 years old, with a doctor of science degree, whose age does not exceed 39 years old), employees and supervisors of educational institutions of all levels; employees of scientific research institutes, the pedagogical community and all persons interested in the development of natural science education are invited to participate in the conference.


The results of fundamental and applied research in the different areas will be discussed at the conference.


The main directions of the conference:

Section 1. Federal state educational standard in the context of transformation of the leading ideas of schools of natural science education.


Section 2. The development of higher education in Russia and foreign countries, aimed at increasing the innovative potential of the economy.


Section 3. Ideas of native and foreign schools of the methodology of natural science education in the context of scientific and educational reforms.


Section 4. Innovative methodological system of teaching, educating, and developing young people in natural science education.


Section 5. The XXI century – the century of technologies: mega-technologies, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, information-computer and multimedia educational technologies, cognitive technologies, working out and implementation of high-tech programs of general and pedagogical education in the field of natural sciences.

Formation of sections and the formulation of their names will depend on the number of relevant applications received from participants of the conference.


The additional program within the framework of the international scientific and practical conference includes the organization of the following:

- lectures with the participation of famous scientists;

- the scientific and pedagogical youth school with the issue of a certificate of the established standard;

- round tables on "Updating the standards of school natural science education", "Development the skills of the XXI century (social and emotional skills) and new natural science literacy", "Learning through research", etc .;


The clarification of the main and additional events during the conference will be covered in subsequent information letters.


To register as a participant of the conference, please, fill out the registration form at, before June 20, 2018.


The form of participation in the conference: full-time / part-time.


A conference proceedings book, based on the results of the conference, will be published and, in the future, will be posted on the website. All theses will be indexed in the database of RSCI.


All theses for publication in the conference proceedings book must be submitted by August 31, 2018 to the email address of the organizing committee Materials that are not made in accordance with the requirements, may be rejected by the organizing committee. Responsibility for inaccuracies and typos in the text of the theses is imposed on the authors.


The organizational fee for full-time participation: for students - 300 rubles., for postgraduate and doctoral students and young scientists - 500 rubles. The organizational fee for part-time participation for all is 500 rubles. The organizational fee includes costs:

* for the publication of the conference program and other materials provided to the participant at registration (participant's folder);

* for the including the thesis in the conference proceedings book;

* for the publication of the conference proceedings book in the RSCI catalog, the assignment of ISBN;

* for the publication of the conference proceedings book.




We draw your attention to the fact that only if you pay an organizational fee for participation (300-500 rubles.) you will get a conference proceedings book.


You must pay organizational fee before August 31, 2018, then you have to scan copy of receipts and to send it with the thesis for the publication in one letter.

If necessary, the organizers can help in the search and booking of rooms in hotels in Yakutsk. All expenses for payment for travel, for hotel accommodation and for meals are provided at the expense of participants of the conference or at the expense of the sending organization.


The invitations to the conference and additional information will be sent to the participants after including their theses in the conference program.


Requirements for thesis:

1) Materials in 3 pages for publication in the conference proceedings book must be created in the text editor MS Word (* .doc or * .docx formats).

2) Name of file - by the surname of the first author.

3) Page format: margins indent in 2 cm from all sides; text alignment in width, without hyphenation; font - Times New Roman, size of type-12; line spacing - single; paragraph indent in the text - 1 cm.

4) UDC is placed in the upper left corner. Below the title of the article is written in capital letters, boldface, alignment in the center. Then indent in one blank line is put.

5) Below in the center the last name (s) and the initials of the author (s) are written; below in the center you have to write the full name of the organization without specifying the form of ownership and quotes, city, country, your E-mail.

6) If co-authors represent different institutions, then after the last name without a space in Arabic numerals the number of the institution in the upper index is indicated. Before the names of institutions in the upper index the corresponding number (with a space) is put.

7) Below, after indenting in one blank line, an abstract is given, which should not repeat the title, and accurately reflect the content: problems, methods of research, results.

8) Below, after indenting in one blank line, the key words including the basic concepts and terms mentioned in the thesis, indicating the relevance and novelty of the studies under discussion and their results are given.

9) Below, after indenting in one blank line, the main text of the thesis follows. Figures and graphics are made in jpg format. References to the literature in the text are put in square brackets.

10) The list of references at the end of the materials - as far as the authors are mentioned, is drawn up in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008.






Sample thesis

UDC 37.013



Ivanov1 II, Petrov2 PP

ˡ Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk

² Moscow State University, Moscow






Text. Text. Text [1].

Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. [2] The text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text.



1. Shagidullina R.A., Novikova S.V., Valiev V.S. From the experience of modernizing the lecture course of biochemistry in a pedagogical college // Chemistry: the methods of teaching in school. - 2015. - T. 17. - No. 10. - P. 104-106.



Address and bank details:

FSAEI HE «M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University».

Address: 677000, Republic of Sakha / Yakutia /, Yakutsk t., 58 Belinsky str.

Taxpayer Identification Number (ИНН): 1435037142

Сode of reason for registration (КПП): 143501001

All-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations (ОКПО): 02069705

Сorrespondent account (к/с): 30101810300000000770

Bank account (р/с): 40503810500004000008

Bank identification code (БИК): 049805770

JSCB Almazergienbank, JSC




Contacts of the working group of the conference organizing committee:

Yegorova Aksinya Yegorovna, Ph.D., professor of pedagogical department of the Institute of Natural Sciences - +79142714803

Nokhsorov Vasily Vasilievich, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Pedagogical Department of the Institute of Natural Sciences - +79246630955,


CONFERENCE web-site:



Location: Russia, Yakutsk, 48 Kulakovsky st., Building of Faculties of Natural Sciences (KFEN), Institute of Natural Sciences (INS), NEFU.



Registration of participants: before June 20, 2018.

Submission of theses: before August 31, 2018.

Date of the conference: October 12 - 13, 2018


Responsible coordinators:

Nokhsorov Vasily Vasilyevich - +79246630955

Arzhakova Maria Ivanovna- +79142558817


If you want to participate in the international scientific and practical conference "Vector of the development of modern natural science education" (October 12-13, 2018, Yakutsk), we kindly ask you to fill in the registration form with the title of your report and indicating the co-authors at: before June 20, 2018.

It is necessary for application for support the holding of this scientific event by the RFBR.

The conference organizers would be very grateful if you could help us by spreading the information about this international scientific and practical conference "The Vector of the Development of Modern Natural Science Education" (October 12-13, 2018)