Human resource as a factor in the development of the Arctic

North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov 


Dear colleagues!

Department of the organization of research work of students, young scientists and specialists of the Management of scientific research work of NEFU named after M.K. Ammosov invites you to the International scientific conference

“Human resource as a factor in the development of the Arctic” 29-30 November 2018

Students, undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists (without a degree, with Ph.D., whose age does not exceed 35 years, with Doctor’s degree, whose age does not exceed 39 years) are invited to participate in the conference.


Main topics of the conference:

1. Historical and cultural heritage of the Arctic

2. Human resources in the context of innovative development of socio-economic systems

3. Legal strategy for sustainable development of the Arctic

4. Linguistic space of the Arctic

5. Psychological features of human adaptation in the Arctic

6. Pedagogy in the changing conditions of the Arctic

7. Tourism industry: opportunities, priorities, challenges and prospects.


* the list of scientific areas is subject to discussion and will depend on the materials received by the Organizing Committee.


Rules for submitting applications and materials for participation in the conference:

REGISTRATION - for registration as a participant of the conference, please fill in the registration form on before July 10, 2018. Applications received by mail or by e-mail are not considered and registered.

Participation in the conference is full-time, part-time.

Following the results of the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of materials with subsequent posting on the conference website. All articles will be indexed in DB RINC. Materials for publication in the collection of conference materials must be submitted by September 20, 2018 to the e-mail address of the organizing committee Articles that do not meet the requirements will be rejected by the organizing committee. Responsibility for inaccuracies and typos in the text of the articles are borne by the authors. The best reports of the conference will be published in the journal of the Scopus / Web of science database.


Organizational fee for participation in full-time: students - 500 rubles, graduate students and young scientists - 1000 rubles. The registration fee for participation in the correspondence form is 1000 rubles for all.

Organizational fee includes costs:

* for the publication of the conference program and other materials provided to the participant at registration;

* for the inclusion of abstracts in the conference proceedings book;

* for the publication of collections in the RINC catalog, the assignment of ISBN;

* for the publication of the conference proceedings.

If you have several conference participants, payment can be made by one receipt. Payment is made until September 20, 2018 and its scan copy is sent along with the text for publication of the article in one letter.

If necessary, the organizers can help with the search and booking of rooms in hotels in Yakutsk. Payment for accommodation at the expense of participants.

Requirements for the design of materials:

The volume of the article should not exceed 3 pages of A4 format.

1) Materials for publication must be created in the text editor MS Word (formats * .doc or * .docx).

2) Names of files - by the name of the first author with the section number (example: 1_Ivanov.doc).

3) Abstract should not repeat the title, should accurately reflect the content: problems, methods of research, results.

4) Keywords: a set of keywords should include the concepts and terms mentioned in the article and testify to the relevance and novelty of the studies under discussion and their results.

5) Margins 2 cm on all sides, alignment on the width of the text, without hyphenation, font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing - single, indention in the text - 1 cm.

6) UDC is placed in the upper left corner. Below the title of the article in capital letters, boldface, alignment in the center. Then you indent one empty string.

7) Lower in the center - surname (s) and initials of the author (s); below the center the full name of the organization WITHOUT A FORM OF PROPERTY and QUOTES, city.

8) If co-authors represent different institutions, then after the surname without a space, the order number of the institution in the upper index is indicated. Before the names of institutions in the upper index the corresponding number is indicated by Arabic numerals (with a space).

9) After indenting in one empty line follows the main text of the article. Figures and graphics are executed in jpg format. References to the literature in the text are in square brackets. The list of literature at the end of the materials - as far as the authors are mentioned, is drawn up in accordance with GOST R 7.0.5-2008.


Example of an article

UDC 394.1


Antonov Ivan Yurievich

North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov, Yakutsk


Text of annotation. Text of annotation. Text of annotation. Text of annotation. Text of annotation.

Key words: several key words.

Text. Text. Text [1]. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text. Text.


Kabitsky M. E. Anthropology of food and nutrition today // Ethnographic review. - 2011. - No. 1. – P. 3-7.


Address and requisites:

FGAOU VO North-Eastern Federal University. M.K. Ammosov

Address: 677000, Republic of Sakha /Yakutia/, Yakutsk city, Belinskiy str, 58

Taxpayer Identification Number: 1435037142

CAT: 143501001

OKPO: 02069705

C / s: 30101810300000000770

R / s: 40503810500004000008

BIC: 049805770

AKB Almazergienbank, JSC

Link for online payment:

Working group of the conference organizing committee:

Starostina Yana Egorovna

Tel .: 8 (964) 428-07-78;

Sorochinsky Maxim Anatolievich

Tel .: 8 (964) 417-20-20

Kim Xenia Vasilievna

Tel .: 8 (924) 761-60-72



Responsible for the location of nonresident participants:

Matveeva Tatyana Ghorgovna

Tel .: 8 (961) 867-08-38.