Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace

UNESCO has been continuously warning that more than half of the currently alive 7,000 languages may extinguish within several generations. Wise ethno-linguistic policies and modern information technologies offer a chance of at least slowing down these processes, which are capable of inflicting much harm to the entire humankind.
Securing languages presence and development in cyberspace is an important prerequisite for their preservation. What can and should be done in order to overcome language marginalization? How can we help languages become better equipped, represented and used?
And who is able and obliged to do this?

The Third International Conference «Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace» which will take place in Yakutsk on June 28 − July 3 will focus on searching for answers to these and many other questions. The conference builds on the recognition of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity in the digital world and addresses political, cultural, social, ethical and technological aspects of activities aimed to support and develop linguistic and cultural diversity.
The discussions will focus on policies, standards and tools necessary to ensure linguistic and cultural diversity preservation and on specific tools of multilingualism promotion.
Creation and implementation of policies to develop and preserve languages is the conference main topic. The conference will address the following issues:
 Developing legal and institutional instruments to support multilingualism
 The Internet as an environment for preserving cultural identity
 Education and preservation of linguistic diversity: role, functions, responsibility
 Challenges and opportunities of internationalization of languages
 Language marginalization: a verdict or a challenge?
 Russian as a language of international communication
The conference is Russia’s contribution to the implementation of the UNESCO Information for All Programme.