Institute of the East


Anna Lebedeva

leading specialist

Office 320A, 42, Kulakovsky Str.

+7 4112 32 14 81

+7 4112 36 14 53

Innokentiy Sivtsev

Alizana Sleptsova

leading specialist
Liudmila Tarabukina

Anna Syromyatnikova

leading specialist
Sardana Gavrilieva

Viktoria Leverieva


The Institute of the East is a structural unit of North-Eastern Federal University.

The purpose of the Institute is to strengthen the position of NEFU in the international arena by establishing a productive collaboration with the Asia-Pacific region in such fields as education, science, economics, politics, culture, new and innovative technologies.

The Asia-Pacific region includes such countries as China, Japan, Korea, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and others.