Developing scientific laboratory “Mammoth Museum” with the  largest collection of frozen mammoth fauna animals, NEFU becoming one of the world research center in paleontology of mammoth fauna. Frozen condition and good preservation of tissue give a chance for research development using new molecular technologies including cloning.

Nowadays, classical genetics time is gone, epigenetics (gene expression regulation) and cancer research, cell technologies (stem cells research and programming) take the leading position. NEFU still hasn’t provided such research methods unlike the top world universities establishing centers, faculties, institutes. With your help we could start realizing the mammoth cloning research project. In cooperation with leading scientists the laboratory could provide research of cells, tissues and genome of extincted animals and allied species. Thus, improving cloning techniques will let us reconstitute extincted species of birds and animals.

Your donation in establishment new interdisciplinary laboratory will be the first step towards epigenetics research in NEFU and will help us switch stage by stage from specific popular research to more fundamental organic modeling. For instance, we could research mechanisms of regeneration and ageing, adaptation of different stem types to cancer diseases, also we could provide any research related to cell cultivating, nucleic acids and protein analysis.     

Income performed of your donation will be a part of scholarship in memory of famous Yakut paleontologist, founder of the NEFU collection Petr Lazarev. The scholarship is aimed to attract perspective young specialists from all over the world to paleontological and paleogenetic research.    

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