Gerasim Pavlov

Gerasim Pavlov

Vice Rector for Economics and Infrastructure

off. 301, 46, Kulakovsky str., Yakutsk, 677013, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia

+7 (4112) 360911

IP-Phone: 5000, ,

Main areas of activity:

- implementation of state, sectoral policies in the field of financial and economic activities (including economic optimization of the activity) at the university level;

- planning and distribution of payroll budget, scholarship fund, resource planning, procurement arrangements, contractual relationships policy making;

- financial risks prevention, economic strategies development;

- management of business and commercial activities;

- management of integrated economic analysis, accounting and reporting;

- coordination and management of academic activities of the financial and economic departments;

- cooperation with business, state authorities and local government as part of its remit.

Supervised units:

Institute of Finances and Economics, Scientific-Research Institute of Regional Economy of the North, Planning and Financial Management, Directorate of the Development Program, Accounting Control, Procurement Management, Health Camp "Change"