International Field School on Indigenous Studies «Нөчэ» (“Flower”)

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We're sorry, Summer School has been postponed to next year due to the coronavirus pandemic

Want to learn more about indigenous peoples of the North? Looking for a field trip? Want to learn a new language? Looking for 2-week-vacation in the Arctic?
Apply to the northernmost Summer School with intensive Indigenous language - Even –studies. Immerse into rich and colorful culture of the Even. Be a part of the community for 14 days! Celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People in the community and experience unique culture of Even in the Russian Arctic!

Participation fee:  800 EUR. If there is a 10-people group. Participation fee includes transportation costs within republic, accommodation, meals.
Summer School is available through north2north UArctic Mobility Program!
NEFU provides visa invitation for confirmed participants.

summer school

General description:

   The purpose of the Summer School program is to attract students to study languages and culture of the Indigenous peoples of the North. During the Summer School students will gain knowledge and experience in preserving, reviving and developing indigenous languages of the Arctic. Undergraduate and graduate student are welcome to apply. Practical master classes are held in the linguistic and cultural environment, in places of compact residence of the indigenous peoples of the North. The school will include in its program: master classes for the manufacture of mavut (arcane), sleds, traditional nutrition for indigenous peoples of the North, and a hiking tour.

summer school

The dates of the school:

·         Arrival of participants: July 27-28
·         Opening ceremony in NEFU (Yakutsk) and lectures: July 29 – 31
·         Departure to Khandyga village: August,1
·         Departure to Topolinoye village: August, 2
·         Lasso making, sleds making, national sewing and national cuisine Master classes; Even language and culture practical classes: August 2-10
·         Departure to Khandyga village: August,10
·         Departure to Yakutsk: August,11
summer school

Summer school conditions:
in Yakutsk - a student hostel;
in Khandyga - student hostel;
in Topolinoe - apartments;
Hiking tour to the herd of reindeer herding, tents and sleeping

Registration deadline: May 30, 2019.

More detailed information available via e-mail:
Academic coordinator of the summer school is the head of the department for northern philology Ms. Antonina Vinokurova, phd, e-mail: tel. +79649128209 (whatsapp)

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