Russian Czech Field School


Yakutia is a mysterious, frozen and faraway land… Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University Institute of Natural Sciences is pleased to invite students for the International Summer School “On the Edge of the Permafrost” and trip to Magadan along “Kolyma Highway”, the road of bones. It is not just a simple trip. Yakutian scientists will give lectures and conduct project works during which students will learn how the permafrost was formed, its impact on environment and people. The theme of the school will also cover traditions and cultures of the peoples living in the North-East of Yakutia and the history of the land development. “On the Edge of the Permafrost” is the perfect choice for those, who enchanted by romanticism of travel. Students who visited Oymyakon, the Pole of Cold, would be able to tick an item off the bucket list for visiting the coldest inhabited place of Earth. Indigenous peoples’ cultures, the beauty of wilderness, abandoned ghost towns, and the remnants of the Gulag old camps will attract your interest for sure.

Duration: 3 weeks, June-July, 2017.

Topics of the lectures and project works:

1.     Northern Sphinx – Cryogenic Landscapes of Yakutia

2.     Climate. Why are there several Poles of Cold in Yakutia?

3.     Rivers and Lakes in the North-East of Yakutia

4.     Icings – Summer into Winter. Ice Formation and its Danger

5.     Green Sea of Taiga. Plant communities

6.     Kisilyakh, Stone People. The Relief of the North-East of Yakutia

7.     Sakha People – Traditions and Culture

8.     Gold Fever – Precious Metals Mining in Yakutia and Magadan Region

9.     There were few guilty, there were many more innocent. The History of the Land Development in the days of Dalstroy


Route: Yakutsk-Nijny Betsyakh-Cherkekh-Tomtor-Ust’ Nera-Kadykchan-Susuman-Yagodnoe-Sinegorye-Magadan.

Accommodation: Shared rooms in the NEFU student dormitory and field tent camps during the trip.

Within the School students will have lectures on Nature and Population of Yakutia, excursions to the Mammoth Museum, an underground ice gallery The Kingdom of Permafrost and the Lena River. After, and trip by bus along Kolyma Highway to Magadan. During this trip students will learn natural sites, life of people and visit interesting places. The final destination – Magadan.


 1.     Yakutsk, the oldest city in the Russian Far East.

 2.     Yakutian Village (Tattinsky District). Living in a summer house. Cow breast milking.

 3.     Alaasy, byllary, bulgunnyakh of the Central Yakutia.

 4.     Kolyma Highway, the Road of Bones.

 5.     Tomtor, the Pole of Cold.

 6.     Ust’-Nersky Kisilyakh, Stone People (geological isolated hills)

 7.     Gold mining. Visiting gold cooperative.

 8.     Ghost villages of Kolyma. Visiting abandoned settlements.

 9.     Kolyma, the main isle of Gulag. Visiting Ivan Panikarov museum in Yagodny village.

 10.   Magadan. Excursions to museums, suburbs and abandoned military fortifications of the Batareynaya bay, etc.

 Extra activities: Sporting contests, games, discussions, swimming in the rivers and in the Okhotsk Sea.

 Сredits: 4 ECTS.

Target group: bachelor and master students interested in geography, biology, culture and history of the Russian Far East.

Number of participants: 15-20

Transport: Bus

Language of instruction: Russian, Czech

Participation fee: 450 € (travel Yakutsk-Magadan, meal)

Website of the school for more photos and maps.


Ivanova Svetlana

Department of Geography,

Institute of Natural Sciences,

North-Eastern Federal University

58 Belinsky st, Yakutsk 677000,

Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia

Tel. +7 914 2 719 256