Preparatory Year

NEFU Preparatory year

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All bachelor and master programs are taught in Russian, but you can apply for preparatory year and learn Russian language from the beginner level. After that, you can apply for any program in our university. The preparatory year includes intensive language courses for international students (grammar, speaking, and Russian language for professional usage according to chosen program). There are six directions of preparation depending on the chosen program (engineering and technical; economic; humanitarian; medical; natural science; general education). These courses last 1 year and are strongly recommended for the improvement of your language skills before the beginning of your main educational program.

More detailed information about the program you can find in the section “Russian language courses“.

If you decide to apply for the preparatory year program, please find further information in the section “For students/How to apply”


You need to submit the following documents:

1) Copy of passport

2) Online Admission

3) Copies of the education certificates of secondary and/or university education including academic transcripts, which have to be legalized in the student’s home country, translated and notarized

4) Standard Medical certificates, X-Ray, certificate of the HIV-negative status

The certificates should be issued 2 months prior to arrival to Yakutsk.

Deadline for application: 

30.08.2021 for 2021-2022 academic year

After receiving all the necessary documents International Relations Office will send you via e-mail an Invitation letter for visa issued by the Russian Migration office.

If you need additional documents for visa, please contact us: