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Preparatory Year

NEFU Preparatory year

All bachelor and master programs are taught in Russian. But you still can apply to our programs and firstly start from the preparatory year and learn Russian language from scratch. The preparatory year includes intensive language courses for international students (grammar, speaking, Russian language for professional use according to chosen program). These courses last 1 year and it is strongly recommended to improve your language skills before the beginning of your principal education program so that you are able to participate in classes, to follow the course content without difficulties and to master well your daily life.

More detailed information on the content of the program you can find in the section “Russian language courses“.

If you decided to enroll in the course of preparatory year, please find further information in the section “For students/How to apply”

You need to submit the following documents to apply:

1) Copy of passport

2) Application form

3) Copy of academic documents (it should be translated into Russian and certified)

4) Medical certificates (HIV-test, antituberculosis test, blood testings). The date of certificates should be no earlier than 2 months before arrival to Yakutsk.


Deadline for application:  
30.06.2017 for 2017-2018 academic year

After receiving all necessary documents the International Relations Office will have a formal visa support letter issued by the Russian Migration office and send it to the address that was indicated in your application form. Admittance to the University is on the basis of a contract. If you need the contract form in order to get a visa at the Russian Federation Embassy, please let us know. If you do not, the contract form can be printed upon arrival. The contract includes only the tuition fee (the fee depending on the program and speciality that you have chosen). The contract does not include any accommodation fee, medical insurance, or registration fee. The student must pay all fees related to the contract, accommodation, registration and medical insurance no later than 3 days after arrival.

For more information please contact us:




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