NEFU-SIS overview

School of International Studies, North-Eastern Federal University


Participating faculty members: About 70 (approximation) as of February 2015

Program launched on October 9, 2012

Target: young researchers, graduate students

Training of young future faculty members

Method: Quality teaching in English (to meet the high-level international standard)

Duration of training: 4 semesters

Admittance of students/screening process:

(1) Number of students: 30 per semester (60 for a year, the total of 90 students)

(2) Selection is based on document examination and interview

(3) Preference should be given to those applicants with better qualification/experience

(4) Foreign students from English-speaking countries to be added later.

(For frequent interaction with the NEFU students)

Modules: tentative, comments and suggestions are welcome.

(These are tentative and will be substantially modified later after receiving all the productive suggestions from the participating members and institutions.)

(1) On Understanding Yakutia: Land and People of Yakutia

Regional Studies: Geography and culture

(2) Innovation: Theory and Practice

(3) Human dimension

14 lectures for each module: 90 minutes (4:00-5:30 pm.) on  - Tuesday (for Module 2)

                                                                                                               - Thursday (for Modules 1 and 3)

There will be eight intensive English classes (including a test) in May. (5:30-7:00 pm)

Evaluation and management:

(1) Attendance: strictly enforced

(2) (Group or individual) project

(3) Lecture feedback: summary or homework

(4) Class presentation/participation

(5) Overseas research proposal

*(6) Publication: high preference

       Indicator of publication is very important for the NEFU-SIS and the NEFU.


(1) Tuition waived.

(2) Official certificate issued.

(3) Financial support for overseas training (Maximum 100,000 Rubles per person)

(4) Listed in the university human resource management database/program

Lecture room: Library conference room (Multimedia facility), auditorium

NEFU-SIS office: ULK 208

If you have any inquiry or suggestion, please contact the NEFU-SIS.

 Director: Sang-Cheol Ahn at

 Assistant director: Tatiana Olesova at

 Staff assistant: Kyunney Egorova at

SIS committee members

Organization (in alphabetical order)

Fedorova Claudia (English) -

Fedotova Marina (Physics)

Filippov Dmitry (Social sciences)-

Krivoshapkin Konstantin -

Kugunurov Vladlen (International office)

Nadezda Maksimova (Medicine) -

Okhlopkova Aytalina (Natural sciences) -

Pavlov Alexander (Mathmatics) -