Greeting from Rector

Dear Students of the NEFU-SIS!


Please accept my warmest congratulations on the opening of the NEFU-SIS!

The main purpose of our School is to provide the necessary intellectual support to those young people who wish to take an active stand in life, aspiring to achieve high academic and research goals!

As is shown, all international academic programs require fluency in foreign languages. The School we are so proudly opening today offers you a chance to test and master your knowledge, and to join a graduate program specifically developed to meet the high standards of academic quality of our international partner Universities.

I believe that education at NEFU-SIS will soon develop into an independent and dynamic academic program which will be continuously corrected and carried out by the students themselves. All over the world we are observing the development of young people’s intellectual capacities, personal awareness and responsibility. In this respect, we aspire to be equal to our partners and colleagues throughout the world.

Today no one would think of lighting fire by rubbing sticks. Unfortunately, many co-called traditional educational practices based on the out-dated pedagogical methods are still used in the vain hope of igniting a blaze of educational success. That is why it is my hope that NEFU-SIS will be an effective leader in the development and implementation of the best and the newest in modern educational methodology. It is my sincere hope that you will learn to be efficient learners and creative thinkers, and will develop into independent professionals capable of solving challenging tasks and having the resolve to face any difficulty that may arise on your path to success.

I wish each and every one of you accomplish great academic achievements that will lead to the development of unique talents, both personal and professional.

Good luck!

Evgenia I. Mikhailova


North-Eastern Federal University