General Medicine

Degree Programme: Medicine

Degree: Specialists

Duration: 6 years

Form of Study: Full-time

Faculty: Medical institute, NEFU.  Training of specialists takes place on the basis of the main institute of medical education in the region, which is ranked nationally as one of leading institutions in the field of "Medical Sciences". More details about the place of NEFU in the subject rankings here.

In the first two years the curriculum covers main theoretical courses (Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy, Histology, Physiology etc. taught in English). At the same time, the Russian language is being taught from zero level, so that by the 3rd year of study, students will have a good level of Russian language for successful internships in hospitals. In advanced courses, students study disciplines such as Pathophysiology, Pathology, Surgery etc. The last year of studies is devoted to pre-graduation practical training, during which students work at clinics and departments under the supervision of experienced doctors.

Graduate Profile and Career Opportunities:

Diplomas are recognized in countries according to the established national rules for the recognition of foreign education documents. Graduates work as doctors in state as well as private medical facilities, clinics, hospitals and medical centers, as well as research institutes. They can also engage in teaching and research activities.

Language of Instruction: English / Russian

Duration and Credits: 12 semesters / 360 ECTS

Application: You can apply now through online application system.

Tuition fee: 1850 USD per year (2020/21)

Contacts: International Relations Office, email: tel. (4112) 36-14-53; Medical institute, email: , , tel. +7 (4112) 49-67-65

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