Small Innovation Businesses

small innovation businesses

Small Innovation Businesses (SIB) were established with a goal to commercialize and apply the results of NEFU scientists intellectual activity. Seven Small Innovation Businesses were developed in 2010. There are 69 applications for SIB development and the 12 of them passed the preselection, approved by AIC Coordination Council, within the frameworks of the 2nd stage of “Arctic Innovation Center” (the program of NEFU innovation infrastructure development). The new SIB will be created only in the priority branches, such as the healthcare service (medical and biological direction), construction, industry, information technology and other, within the framework of NEFU innovation spectrum development.

Stroykompozit Ltd is specialized on the production of autoclave and solid-cast heat insulating foam with higher service and cold-resisting properties, based on the domestic raw materials structure for the apartment and industrial building construction;

Nordvud Ltd is specialized on the construction of all-season wood-framed houses from energy-saving module, using modified fire and biological retardant structure for the wood unit preservation of the building construction;

Optimstroy Ltd is specialized on the technology development and introduction of rational thermal efficiency constructive decisions for sandwich wall building construction from inside, without scaffolds using, but with facing, precast, concrete and hinged panel using;

Innovation center of town-building (ICT) Ltd is specialized on - GIS-technology introduction in the territorial planning field; on the scientific methods, regulatory and technical providing of the information system support of the town-building activities (ISSTA) in MD of the RS (Y); on the preparation and further training of architectural agencies and capital construction experts of the RS (Y) municipal districts; on the organization of model high-quality production;

Perspektiva Ltd is specialized on the introduction of architectural design innovation methods, using modern information technology, including electronic catalogue, 3D-visualisation and object modeling, 3D-presentation during the construction design and other fields, 3D-design of architectural highlighting of the buildings and fronts, landscape elements;

Adgezia-Metallokonstruktsi Ltd is specialized on the production of improved light gauge steel framing-thermal profile for rapidly erected pre-cut method and building construction with improved heat engineering characteristics on their base, and also the introduction of humid area innovation ventilation method in AIC with area dehumidification effect till target value, and also energy input reduction for heating system through air recuperation;

Nedvijimost Servis SVFU Ltd is specialized on the introduction of modern geodesic technologies and information WEB and GIS-technologies using graphical data infrastructure in the field of topographical survey, land using and cadastral activities, including expert training in real estate industries and municipal administration;

Arktik-Bur Ltd is specialized on the manufacturing application of innovation drilling technologies: boring crown production based on heat-resistant nanocomposite materials, tool string production with the major diameter for placer deposits of the permafrost, and also it provides services in various borehole drilling using innovation drilling technology;

Teplokomfort Ltd is specialized on the development and introduction of know-how in following directions: quality heat monitoring of the walling thermal protection and defects of the building construction; production of the self-contained module unit for low-rise building improvement; the production of sandwich cylinders and reservoirs from polymeric materials for water-supply and water disposal system;

Dary Yakuti Ltd is specialized on the development and introduction of creation technology of the fish ground bone flour and fish-oil from whitefish production wastes for the issue of biologically active additives (BAA) and sublimate food;

Biospektr Ltd is specialized on probiotic functional nutrition development taking into account the nature of gut organisms’ structure, metabolic disorder and illness patterns of people in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), including the dehydrated deer milk , enriched with bifidus bacteria for dietary cure and rehabilitation of TBC patients, TBC infected and sickly children;

Genodiagnostika Ltd is specialized on the introduction of leading medical services in medical genetics using innovation diagnostic technologies of genetic and genetic liable conditions, based on the biological microchip;

Mechano Biotechnology LTD is specialized on the development of biotechnology production of solid forms of drugs (antibiotic action and biosorbents) on the basis of the northern herbal substances for the biopharmaceutical industry;  development of biotechnologies for mechano-chemical powders of high-performance solid-state north of vegetable raw materials for the food industry 

Multidimensional Technology LTD - Director: Sergei E. Vasiliev, Head of training, research and experimental laboratory "Center of three-dimensional modeling and virtual reality" at the Department of Radio Physics and Electronics, IPT NEFU; deputy. CIO Institute Olonkho NEFU

Ajan Travel LTD - Director: Aytalina A. Borisova,  Head of the Department of social and cultural services and tourism ILCP of the NE 

Vita-hydroponics LTD - Direction: olericulture, research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering 

Ajyy As LTD -  Areas: Principles of healthy food in the North. Biotechnology. Development of technology for the production of functional food enriched food supplement from local raw materials. 

AMTEK PLUS Ltd - Activity: Development and commercialization of intellectual products in the field of cost-effective use of resources. Supply and realization of energy-efficient equipment. Energy audit, development of technical requirement and techno-economic justification, project development and construction installation works. Implementation of energy service contract.

AEB IT Ltd is established on the basis of the projects and technologies of department of JSCB Almazergienbank JSC. 

Aykra Ltd is engaged in resource conservation and environmental protection.

Indorstroy Ltd specializes in the implementation of scientific and technical developments in the field of road construction; road repair; prepares design and estimate documentation. 

Dango Soft Ltd Our mission is to help students in the implementation of technology projects. 

Novakom Ltd specializes in the introduction of modern geodetic technologies and information WEB and GIS-technologies using the spatial data of infrastructure in the field of engineering and geodetic surveying, land management and cadastral activities, including training of specialists in the field of real estate and municipal management.

Drilling innovation service development of programs for washing wells for certain mining and geological conditions, preparation of drilling mud and control of its technological parameters during drilling

Graphene Ltd Specializes in the development of technologies for the production of graphenes, methods for creating new composites using graphene, quantum instrument structures based on graphene

SakhaEnergoEffect Ltd is engaged in the production of tanks, boilers, fuel pumps and other components of the boiler complex, besides modern insulating pipes.