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13 Января

The history of North-Eastern Federal University victories and achievements in 2013

The history of North-Eastern Federal University victories and achievements in 2013.

In 2013, North-Eastern Federal University showed success as in quality and quantity.

At the end of every year, it is always useful to summarize and to think about future prospects. It is known that any social institution a university is an example of activity in two tendencies: continuity and changes. The university’s basic value and fundamental purposes stay fixed and they change a little in time. On another hand, the university must stimulate progress: innovations, update, work methods, culture rules, strategies, tactics, processes, structures, technologies. They change according to modern requirements of social life.

According to 2012-2013, experts of National fund point out that NEFU strongest side is orientation to district problems solving (the Far Eastern federal district). NEFU achievements are the base for further effective integration of the university to Russian and international education sphere.

In 2013, there are more than 20000 students from 33 Russian districts and 22 foreign countries at NEFU. There are 22 institutes and faculties also 3 branches, 2 colleges, 1 lyceum, 6 scientific research institutes.

According to the observation of federal state autonomous educational institution of higher professional education activity and its branches held in 2013 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation NEFU and its branches are in a group of the most effective universities.

In the fourth annual National University Raking headed by news agency “Interfax” and radio station “Echo of Moscow” according to 2012-2013 NEFU went up to the 35th place among all the universities in Russia.

According to the observation of Federal universities development programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation NEFU was ranked A2 category. The high rank was got thanked to realization of Federal universities development programs greatly influences on district social and economic development, development of scientific and educational and innovational district potential with tendency of impact growth on trends of social and economic, scientific, educational and innovational policy realized in the district in mid-range time.

On the 8th of April, 2013 with “Optogan” company cooperation among 25 selected universities from 186 NEFU won in an open public contest of organizations selection for high-technology production creation with a complex project “Energoeffective production intellectual system in closed soil with SSL use”

On the 25th of June, 2013 NEFU got 2 certificates of higher education institution management system conformity with international standards – from the Certification Association “Russian Register” and International Certification Organization IQNet.

NEFU 11 educational programs entered into the list of the best educational programs of Russia in 2012-2013. There are educational programs in mathematics, chemistry, biology, ecology and natural resource use, medical care, pediatrics, dentistry. The programs in economy, construction, fundamental computer science and information technology became the best ones. The project “Best educational programs of innovational Russia” is realized with the support of the magazine “Accreditation in education”, a guild of experts in education sphere and National Centre for Public Accreditation.

In 2013, 15 new Master’s educational programs were opened at NEFU, including one program in English. This year NEFU accepted applications for 27 Master’s program in 20 fields. Last year there were only 12 Master’s programs. Next year NEFU will be planning to open 8 Master’s programs including those that will be realized in network form with other federal universities.

In 2013 the results of NEFU applicants showed the growth of first-year students USE (Unified State Exam) average mark (in one exam). It was 60 marks in the branches of the university. We can assuredly say that the federal university status attracts more talented students.

This year 9 school graduates of the Republic with 100 marks in one exam applied for NEFU. There are also 11 winners of All-Russian Olympiad among first-year students, where 6 of them study at the Institute of Engineering and Technology and one student at the Institute of Physics and Technologies. According to the results of universities preference analysis and academic mobility of school Olympiads winners held by the National Research University – the Higher School of Economics and Rectors Union of the Russian Federation of 212 leading institutions of higher lea1rning, NEFU took the 24th place in the list of pupils preference.

In 2012-2013, 9215 participants from 12 regions of the Far Eastern and Siberian Federal districts took part in North-Eastern School Olympiad. Almost the half of 312 winners entered NEFU.

On December 24, according to the results of the contest, the Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation chose 73 winners – organizers of school Olympiads. North-Eastern School Olympiad was first given a federal status. It means that participants results are taken into attention for entering any Russian institution of higher education. Since December 20, NEFU has started to accept applications for taking part in the Olympiad. 2186 pupils from 25 Russian regions have already applied for it. For example, there are 133 applications from Volgograd Oblast, 57 – from the Republic of Mordovia, 46 – from Perm Kray, 75 – from Primorsky Krai, 22 – from the Jewish Autonomous Region, 28 – from Belgorod Oblast, 22 – from Leningrad Oblast, 7 – from the Republic of Chechen, also from the neighbouring countries: 7 – from Mongolia, 3 – from Kyrgyzstan and 4 – from Kazakhstan.

NEFU awarded the teachers of pupils with 100 marks in USE RUR100000. The results of the contests – “NEFU teacher of the year - 2013” and “NEFU trust teacher - 2013” – were announced at the association “North-Eastern academic educational district”. 7 teachers were awarded “NEFU teacher of the year 2013” and given RUR 10000. The teachers of 9 pupils with 100 marks in USE were awarded “NEFU trust teacher 2013”. All of them were given RUR 100000.

The International Academy for Educational Development and Educational Sciences held the monitoring of Russian education system institutions activity. According to the results, NEFU entered into the All-Russian list “Top 100 socially significant educational institutions in 2013”. NEFU has recently got the certificate number 004.

NEFU and the University of Cambridge presented new tendencies of cooperation. There was a ceremonial reception of NEFU delegation in one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the world. On December 4, there was a meeting with the vice-chancellor, the president of the university Sir Leszek Borysiewicz.

In his speech the vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge thanked professors and students of NEFU for effective activity and positively appreciated NEFU achieved successes. The President Borysiewicz said that Cambridge was ready to continue the cooperation and offered cooperative work in such spheres as research work in medicine and health service: cancer activity, research in spheres of neurology, endocrine system diseases, stem cell researches, fast-moving urbanization consequences softening researches, search of villages improvement ways, making conditions for living and working of young people in rural regions. At an early date new projects in the sphere of languages research and North people culture and also in the sphere of nature and ecology protecting of Arctic are going to start.

We thanked Sir Leszek Borysiewicz for including the information of the federal university into the book “The way to perfection” which was published by Students Union of Cambridge devoted to education quality in Great Britain and leading foreign institutions of higher learning.

The agreement of NEFU cooperation in Language partners universities of the Embassy of France with the counselor of the Embassy of France cooperation and culture in the RF Filip Voire was signed.

The Embassy of France resource centre entered into the list of the best cooperation centers with French-speaking countries. NEFU took part at the annual meeting of the Embassy of France universities partners in Moscow where the Embassy of France resource centre of NEFU (The centre of cooperation with French-speaking countries) entered into the list of the best centers from 265 universities of the RF. The Embassy of France resource centre headed by the director Izabella Borisova was awarded the thank-you letter signed by France’s ambassador in the RF Jean-Maurice Ripert.

NEFU opened its first representation in China. NEFU opened its first foreign representation at the University of Linyi. This agreement became the result of active cooperation and long talks between two universities. The main function of the representation is the students recruit for studying at the Master’s and Bachelor’s programs in the department of Russian language as a foreign language and Computing technology department. In the future Russian language courses will be opened for the University of Lynyi students and citizens of the city. The purpose of courses is to attract people to study at NEFU. Also Bachelor’s cooperative educational programs will be opened.

On the 11th of December the Agreement of cooperation in educational and scientific spheres was signed by the vise president Mikhail Myagkov of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. There are 5 departments of Master’s program: energetics, biomedicine, nanotechnology, ecology, information technology.

NEFU introduces CDIO (Concieve-Design-Implement-Operate) standards. It’s a complex strategy of studying engineering education: common principles complex of educational programs creation, its support, professors selection and their methods. An engineer, a graduate of institution of higher learning, has to be able to create a new product or a new technical idea, to execute all constructive works (or to instruct people who do it) and to produce it.

NEFU innovations reached an international level. NEFU delegation took part in Seoul International Invention Fair 2013 which was from the 29th of November to the 2nd of December in Seoul (South Korea). NEFU scientists won prizes and their inventions were noticed and given medals and certificates. SIIF is leading and the largest exhibitory meeting devoted to almost all inventions from all over the world.

NEFU students won the Far Eastern competition first round of WorldSkills Russia. The Technological Institute students took first places in two awards at the First regional competition of Far Eastern in Khabarovsk. Aisen Mikheev won the award “Brickwork” (the professor – Vera Ivanova), Vasily Egorov – “Tiling” (the professor – Galina Skorobogatova). Their wins allowed them to join the Far Eastern district team. In 2014 Aisen Mikheev and Vasily Egorov will take part at the All-Russian competition WorldSkill Russia 2014. Also NEFU two students, Yevgeny Maltsev and Viktor Rodin, took the fourth places in the award “Welding” and “Network management”.

NEFU presented the translation of olonkho “Nurgun Botur the Swift” in London. NEFU finished a three years long project of olonkho “Nurgun Botur the Swift” translation into English. The presentation was on the 2nd of December in London. The book entered into the list of Great Britain new editions. The publishing company “Renaissance Books” plans to send 100 copies to the biggest libraries of the world. Moreover, 1000 copies of this unique book will be sold in book stores of the publishing company.

The NEFU team entered the quarterfinals of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. The NEFU team took part at the quarterfinals of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest among the universities of Far East from the 31st of October to the 3rd of November and won. The team consisted of the Institute of Mathematics and Information science students: Aital Dyakonov, Grigory Prokopiev, Archylana Fedorova headed by the professor of the Institute Nikifor Pavlov. The semifinal and the final of the Contest will be in 2014.

The NEFU product based on reindeer moss got a gold medal of the International exhibition “Bioindustry”. The laboratory “Mechanochemistry biotechnologies” of the Institute of Natural Sciences presented its product – a dietary supplement based on reindeer moss – at the International exhibition “Bioindustry” within the St. Petersburg International Health Forum. The work of NEFU scientists got a gold medal at the exhibition. The laboratory also got a gold medal of the International exhibition “RosBioTech” which took place in Moscow from the 22nd to the 24th of October.

On the 21st of June, 2013 the clinic of the Institute of Medicine was opened. The clinic will be oriented to qualitative medical service of citizens and to the best equipments in the Far Eastern district. In the educational program “General medicine” practical skills instruction is on the first place. Today students, clinical interns and residents of the Institution of Medicine can train their skill in a simulation centre with an expensive equipment cost more than 10 million roubles. Thanks to this equipment the level of students training will go up to a new higher level.

The school for patients suffering from epilepsy started to work. On the 12th of October there was the first lesson for patients who suffer from epilepsy and for their relatives in the clinic of the Institution of medicine. The organizer is the laboratory of neuropsychophysiology researches, headed by the neurologist, epileptologist Galina Pshenikova, the clinical resident Michil Andreev and the sixth-year student of the Institute of medicine Pavel Ozhegov. The school purpose is to gather efforts of doctors and relatives to bring through the disease, communication of people who suffer from the same problem and to improve patient’s life quality.

In NEFU North-Eastern scientific and innovation centre of inclusive education development was opened, headed by Panteley Egorov. Diseases mustn’t hinder children to get qualitative education.

The NEFU Small Innovation businesses became the best innovational project of the Republic. The Sakha Innovation – 2013 exhibition has been over in Yakutsk. Mechanochemistry technologies limited liability company was awarded “The best innovational project”. There was also the Republic of Sakha President grants award of innovational projects. This year Mechanochemistry technologies, Multudimensional technologies and Gene diagnosis small innovation businesses were awarded. The NEFU Mechanochemistry technologies company became the best export oriented business in Yakutiya.

The NEFU site and the Arctic multilingual web portal entered into the list of the best internet projects in the Far East. The NEFU two projects became the finalists of the Sterkh award. The results of the contest were in the 12th Far Eastern Internet forum. The Mobile Yakutsk application was created in the student business incubator. The business incubator resident of the NEFU Arctic innovational centre – Dango company – presented a new social product – the Mobile Yakutsk news application aggregator. The purpose of the application is to give a user news of a day formed automatically based on news got from different sources. This application will be free for download for iOS operating system from the 1st of March. The version for Android is being worked now.

The Polar express university team won Volga region KVN central league. In December the team performed successfully in the KVN international festival and the Champions cup in Sochi. According to two rounds the Polar express was allowed to perform in the First KVN league. It is translated in All-Russian channels.

NEFU won the best student dormitory award in the Open public All-Russian contest of institutions of higher learning. 125 leading universities took part in the contest. Our university was awarded “the Best technical provision of a student dormitory”. A new dormitory for 941 places is being finished. The dormitory living cost didn’t change, it is 5 % from the state scholarship.

In December, 2013 the NEFU sanatorium “Smena” was awarded the gold medal of GEMMA – the best Eurasian products and services international contest. According to experts estimation the sanatorium was awarded for the best organization. The best products and services – GEMMA is the first and only quality international contest taking place in the territory of four federal districts and out of them.

In 2013 the average salary of professors and instructors set was up by 13,1% to 53,5 thousand roubles. The average professors salary was up by 28,4% and reached 83,2 thousand roubles according to 11 months in 2013. The student quantity who get a scholarship was up by 62%. According to the year all the students were helped financially.

In November the regulation of the federal universities Students’ union association was signed in Arkhangelsk. The purpose of the Students’ union network project developed by NEFU with other federal universities cooperation is to support students’ initiative, to coordinate actions and resources of problems solving in different spheres of the student life. The association centre of the Association problems solving will be situated in Yakutsk.

On the 2nd of October the final of the Open International Internet-Olympiads in mathematics took place in the Ariel University (Israel). 80 students from all over the world took part in the Olympiad. The students of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Science Artem Nikitin and Dmitry Skryabin were awarded the Second degree diplomas by the international judges of the Olympiad. The NEFU team took the 5th place among 21 international teams.

Stepanida Kirillina, a student of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Science, an international grandmaster became a double champion in Russian draughts and didn’t live up Yakutsk draughts school’s reputation. One more achievement of NEFU sportsmen is the win of Irina Platonova, the Institute of Sports and Physical Education student, on the Russian cup in international draughts among men and women, which took place in Ishimbay, the Republic of Bashkortostan. Zoya Isaeva, the professor of the Institute of Sports and Physical Education, won the Russian cup in boxing among women with the weight of less 51 kg. The ISPE student Ruslan Poiseev won the Russian championship in taekwondo. The student Stepanida Artakhinova won the World championship in paralympic archery. The ISPE student, the sport master in cross-county skiing Dmitry Ploskonosov won the Russian Championship in roller skiing. His future plan is taking part in the World Championship in Germany in 2014. Viktor Lebedev, the Institute of Law student, the double world champion, the triple Russian champion in freestyle wrestling despite the coming state exams and diploma paper won the prestigious international tournament in memory of Kunaev in freestyle wrestling in Kazakhstan.

NEFU was awarded the best university in student brigade development in the Republic. The NEFU news desk became the best mass media in student brigades activity news. Mariya Matchitova, the student of the Teacher training Institute, became the best student construction brigade leader. Dmitry Yadrikhinsky became the best commissary of the student construction brigade in the Republic. The largest testing centre “Yakutsk expert” of the NEFU Institute of Engineering and Technology got an accreditation. There will be researches in 6 test groups of soil, building materials, construction and furniture and others.

The drill construction model БУ-2500БД created by the Faculty of Geology and Survey was awarded the diploma on the third special-purpose exhibition “Oil. Gas. Ecology. Energo 2013”. The industrial enterprises were interested in this development including the Russian oil and gas service company “GeoInTech”.

On the 22nd of June the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya) Egor Borisov met with the NEFU activists and the heads of small innovation businesses. The Presidents spoke about the idea of building cluster creation on the base of the university. The purpose of it is the introduction of building materials experimental manufacture with new technologies and buildings construction with the university scientists help. According to the meeting in the protocol pilot fields are affirmed for construction in Nizhny Bestekh and Appani.

This year Teplocomfort small innovation business built the first warm public toilet in Yakutsk.

“Health carrying technologies in the sphere of food in the North conditions” of the NEFU Health research institute and “Development food and dietary supplements from velvet antler” of the Aii as small innovation business were awarded gold medals at international exhibitions.

In November the scientific conference of Russian educational academy “Pedagogical traditions influence on future teacher personality development” took place in NEFU.

Vasily Maksimov, the Institute of Mathematics and Information Science docent, performed at the 9th educational forum of future organized by the Ministry of education of South Korea and the Department of education of the Philippines. The participants were interested in the IT summer school experience as the model of educational institutions and business companies international cooperation.

The NEFU team successfully performed at the international psychological and pedagogical Olympiad in Spain. Our students’ works got diplomas of the first and second degrees.

NEFU took the 6th place in the level of universities social and network communications development with 48 Klout Score in the Universities National rating.

The branch of Yakut city national gymnasium was opened on the base of NEFU.

NEFU organized the first international contest “Diamond up your language” for Russian language progress in the world. There were participants from different countries such as Japan, South Korea, Guyana, Serbia, Egypt, Mongolia. Nanami Simomoto from the Sapporo University (Japan) took the first place, the second place – Ibragin Rikham from Egypt, and the third place – Elena Vetro from Serbia.

The Institute of natural sciences was opened in NEFU in 2013. In the institute 15 modern scientific laboratories were opened for 4 years of university development programs realization.

4 deputies, NEFU representatives were elected to Il Tumen, the State Assembly of the Sakha Republic. There are the director of the Teacher training institute Antonina Grigoreva, the director of Technological institute in Nerungri Sergey Pavlov, the chairman of the Student organization Alexander Susoev and the director of the university.

On the 9th of November there was a meeting of the Government of the Sakha Republic and the Academic senate of NEFU. Galina Danchikova, the chairman of the Government, pointed out the NEFU role in social and economical development of the Republic. It was decided to develop the cooperative program of business, university and regulatory bodies “Yakutiya 2022”.

On the 5th of March Dmitry Livanov, the minister of education and science, visited NEFU. The minister said: “I have two main impressions. The first one is that the university is developing. New laboratories and building are built. And the second is that there is very nice and creative atmosphere in the university. Students and instructor feel it. I think these two factors say that NEFU will have a great future”.

We are at the beginning stage of development, with the help of citizens we can grow broader and broader, showing our abilities and developing young people talent. And here we need tolerance, understanding, upbringing and encouragement. We don’t say we do all possible and impossible; we try to do only needful, just and kind things.

Every step in NEFU development is important and it needs some time and none of them won’t be missed.

Wish you success, health and happiness in a coming year!