Rector's Column

06 Декабря

Participation in the III Forum “Dialogue of Russia – Republic of Korea”

Rector of North-Eastern Federal University Evgenia Mikhailova took part in the III Forum “Dialogue of Russia – Republic of Korea”, which took place on 12 to13 November in South Korea.

The participation of the two presidents - Vladimir Putin and Mrs. Park Geun-Hye emphasized the high status of the event. The forum was held according to 6 directions: "Politics and International Relations", "Economy and Trade", "Culture and Art", "Education and Science", "Media and Society" and "Youth Dialogue".

E.Mikhailova took part in the "Education and Science" section, where she made a presentation of innovative development of NEFU and international relations of the university.

The rector of our University was also present at the plenary session and closing ceremony of the forum, which was attended by the Russian President. Evgeniya Mikhailova seized the opportunity and transferred to the head of state the request for the support and continuation the Development Program of the country‘s Federal universities on 2015-2019's.

"Dialogue of Russia - Republic of Korea" was held for the third time. The first took place in 2010, then in 2011, in 2012 there was a break because of the change of the leaders of the two countries, says the Evgeniya Mikhailova. Our university and I personally participated in all three forums, and I can say that in every forum all the involved organizations and departments achieve concrete results mutually beneficial for both countries and their citizens. So happened this time.

- What exactly do you mean?

The most important thing is that the two sides agreed on a visa-free regime for the citizens of the Russian Federation and South Korea for up to 60 days. It will take effect from 2014.

Of course, it will sharply increase the flow of tourists in both countries. And it equally concerns the higher education and science. The abolition of visas will significantly enhance academic mobility: even next year we expect a serious influx of students and teachers from Korea to Yakutia.

At the initiative of the Rector of St. Petersburg State University Nicholai Kropachev agreed to hold the student dialogue between students of the two countries with participation of up to 300 students.

Besides the agreement on abolishing visas, Russian Federation and South Korea signed an agreement on the organization of cultural centers of the two countries in Russian Federation and South Korea. Also several memoranda were signed in different economic sectors- shipbuilding, tourism, railways, banking and so on.

- How was your speech at the Forum?

- I made ​​a report and presentation on «Cooperation of the North- Eastern Federal University with universities in the Republic of Korea». We are working with 9 Korean universities.By the way, in 2010, when we started, there were only three such universities.

We told the rectors of leading Korean and Russian universities, attended the meeting, directions of cooperation in the field of molecular-genetic technologies, materials science and nanotechnologies in medicine.

Scientists of NEFU in cooperation with the Korean Sooam Biotech Research Foundation are engaged in a widely known in the world the project “Mammoth rebirth”. We also efficiently cooperate with universities of Korea for the exchange of students and teachers.

-How did your colleague rectors perceive your speech?

At the end of our section “Education and Science” several rectors of the Korean universities came to me and expressed their intention to start cooperation with us, and even expressed resentment that we are focused on the capital Korean universities and institutes. So, our cooperation in the field of education and science with the Land of Morning Calm is sure to expand - both quantitatively and qualitatively.

-Can we say that there are no problems in the sphere of education and science between the two countries?

-Yes, in general. But there are some sensitive issues that require decisions by certain Russian government agencies. For example,it concerns of cross-border movement of biological samples for research. Or it’s the question of modern research equipment. Koreans are ready to provide it to us for free, and our custom house wants to get custom payment from the equipment, resulting in its increasing cost. Last year's history is still fresh in the memory: Korean friends presented two minibuses "Hundey" to the NEFU Office of International Cooperation and to the Sakha-Korean School. We had to urgently raise 750 thousand rubles to pay state tax. In general North-Eastern Federal and Korean universities are developing successfully - said Evgeniya Mikhailova.

Rector of NEFU also expressed gratitude to the Korean side, to the Korean leadership, rectors of universities, heads of big business for the warm welcome and kindness and sincere interest to the history of Russia, the Russian language and Yakutia.