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Tattinsky district faces a staff shortage in the field of education and culture


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Tattinsky district faces a staff shortage in the field of education and culture

Michil YAKOVLEV / NEFU editorial board of corporate media

North-Eastern Federal University continues to hold traditional meetings of graduates with representatives of Yakutia municipalities. On January 31, students of senior years of colleges and universities of the republic met with Miron Ertyukov, the deputy head of the Tattinsky district, and Natalia Osipova, the employee of the district education department.

As Gerasim Pavlov, NEFU Vice Rector for Financial-Economic and Entrepreneurial Activity, noted, the meetings give an opportunity to young people to meet face to face with the main employers, municipalities. "Thanks to such events, many graduates of past years have found jobs in rural areas. Returning to your native villages and districts, you contribute to the development of the districts. Besides, here you can resolve not only employment problems, but also the problem of opening your business - to find out what support measures are available in the regions for young entrepreneurs," the vice-rector advised.

Miron Ertyukov stressed that Tattinsky district is agricultural and young people who want to engage in this entrepreneurship, are supported in opening farm and a service sector business.

Representatives of the administration told that today the district needs specialists in the field of education, culture and health. "The villages do not have enough paramedics, Zemsky Feldsher program works to support young specialists and attract them to work in rural areas. For young teachers, the program provides housing - in recent years 27 teachers have received houses in heritages, 19 young teachers have built a house for various individual programs, 11 people - for federal and regional programs", Natalia Osipova said.

As we have informed, on February 28 at North-Eastern Federal University there will be held inter-university forum "Graduate - for a new village", where students can get support from the government and republic ministries to implement their projects and ideas.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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