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Anatoly Semenov, the Director of Yakutia technology park: "In a state where innovations are of highest priority, there is no development without a university"


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Anatoly Semenov, the Director of Yakutia technology park: "In a state where innovations are of highest priority, there is no development without a university"

Anatoly Semenov, the Director of Yakutia technopark urged professors, scientists and researchers of the North-Eastern Federal University not to be afraid to leave the "comfort zone" and start to develop and promote their business ideas. He stated this at the Arctic Innovation Center of the NEFU, January 31.

"It is very important to combine the efforts of both the university and the technopark. In no state with developing innovations, there is no development at all without an university," - the director of the technopark noted during the meeting. "The university is the innovative center of ideas, projects and minds, it is the place where startups and innovation grow from." He added that the main feature of an university is a constant potential renewal, as every year new students come to an university to contribute and generate new ideas.

The audience was told about the options for interaction and use of premises, equipment of the technopark, the possibilities of providing legal and organizational support of projects. The technopark representatives also stressed that the organization is responsible for full introduction of ideas - from the very beginning to the launch in business. "We, as the key partner, can help the University solve a number of key issues and tasks for creating the innovative business," Anatoly Semenov said. "However, the uncertainty and fear of people in problems remains one of key problems, in my opinion."

In the conditions of the north, when stable wage is necessary and there is no desire to take any risk, people can not afford a lack of a plan in their life, the speaker added. "Meanwhile, practice shows that this does not produce big results when one combines work on a start-up with a basic employment," he said. "It is necessary to focus full attention on the project."

As Aleksey Bessmertny, the director of the NEFU Arctic Innovation Center noted, the use of the technopark's areas, experience and capabilities to enter the market is necessary for students or professors who desire to get and implement a business project. Thus, work continues on the implementation of project-oriented educational programs with faculties and institutes. "Now students, starting with the first year, can engage in entrepreneurship - this is a new trend, a new movement. We are continuing to work on this direction through the integration into curricula. And we are planing to develop further with the help of competent technopark staff," he said.

Author: Sardaana YAKOVLEVA, NEFU Newsroom

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