An educational school for young fathers was opened at NEFU
  • 19 February 2018
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An educational school for young fathers was opened at NEFU

The Young Father's Academy, a new educational school for family students, began its work in the North-Eastern Federal University. The project is implemented in cooperation with the republican society League of Fathers of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The students of the Academy will be able to visit regular educational seminars, lectures of specialists and doctors with narrow fields of specialization, the Department for Student Development of the NEFU reported. The major personalities in the spheres of education, politics, science, sports and art will also share their experience in the children education with young parents.

"By increasing the role of the father in such an important basis of social development as the family, we solve the global challenges facing the society. First and foremost, this is the demographic development of the region, the revival and strengthening of the institution of marriage among young people," Anna Sergeyeva, the Chief Specialist, Organizational, Methodological and Educational Work Department, said. "Secondly, it is the positioning of a positive family way of life, a slowdown in divorce proceedings and an increase in the number of complete families."

In the long term, the organizers expect the Academy to affect the reduction of additive behavior among children and teenagers. Thus, increasing the role of the father will affect a lot of the negative factors that are currently observed in society, Anna Sergeyeva suggested. In addition, educational activity was conducted previously under the leadership of the League of Fathers of Yakutia. "Since this year, the NEFU, together with the League of Fathers, decided to unite their efforts in the work on this project. Besides, we are planning to launch the Young Mother's School," the project coordinator shared.

In total, about 800 family students and undergraduates study at NEFU, anyone can become a listener.

Author: Sardaana YAKOVLEVA, NEFU Newsroom

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