The Student Science: The Institute of Natural Sciences told about scientific and innovative work
  • 16 February 2018
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The Student Science: The Institute of Natural Sciences told about scientific and innovative work

Photo: from the archive of the participants of the event

On February 1, the Day of Biological Sciences was held at the Institute of Natural Sciences of the North-Eastern Federal University, where the students of the junior years were told about the scientific and innovative researches of the institute.

At the opening of the event, Anatoly Nikolaev, the Vice-Rector for Natural and Mathematical Sciences of the NEFU, stressed that new training programs and project training are being actively introduced at the Institute. "A modern student has the opportunity to deal not only with fundamental, but also with innovative disciplines in such areas as genetics, biotechnology, paleontology. The university provides all conditions for the scientific development of students," the Vice-Rector said. Within the framework of the meeting, Anatoly Nikolaev also rewarded excellent students of the Institute according to the results of the fall semester 2017-2018.

The staff and the professors of INS biological department told about zoological, microbiological, physiological, biochemical, molecular and biotechnological directions. They also shared the specifity of researches in the Arctic region. The members of the student scientific clubs Introduction to Biology and Innovative Directions of Biological Research, as well as the new directions - Permafrost Forest Science, Cellular Biotechnologies - masters, presented their scientific works to the participants of the event, informed about the opportunities provided by the Institute.

The Master of Cellular Biotechnologies department told about studies: "The most part of researches conducts on in vitro cellulars. The cells are used as a biological model in research. My job is connected with extracellular matrix. It is a 'cage' made of highly-polymeric sugars. It works as a hop and 'molecular sieve' between blood and specific tissue cells. By the end of our project we can regenerate the entire areas on fingers", the student shared.

As a result of the Day of Biological Sciences, many students decided to go deeper into science and become members of student scientific clubs. "Today's event was cognitive and visual. We learned about new directions, which was very interesting. This gave us motivation and plans for scientific advancement," the students shared their impressions.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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