The first low-temperature test of Bridgestone winter tires was completed at the NEFU
  • 06 February 2018
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The first low-temperature test of Bridgestone winter tires was completed at the NEFU

This weekend Bridgestone corporation's winter tires test was completed at North-Eastern Federal University. From January 18 to February 3 the researches led by Chiaki Oyama, the head of Bridgestone winter tire testing department, were conducted at the test site of the Faculty of Road Construction, NEFU.

The unique aspect of these tests is that tires were tested not for industrial equipment, but for ordinary cars for the first time in the world at temperatures below 40 degrees. "The tests were conducted at the car route covered with snow and ice. The results will define changes in the formula of the rubber that will be further produced by Bridgestone. The repeated tests will be performed in a year," Andrey Neustroev, the senior lecturer at the Department of Machine Science, Faculty of Road Construction, said.

The results of the tests are recorded by sensors, measurements are done through VBOX system, which is used by large world manufacturers of vehicles and automobile tires in tests of the automotive industry, shipbuilding, motorsports and accident investigation. "The system does not require human intervention. The program records all the movements, acceleration, braking, turns, descents and ascents," Andrey Neustroev explained.

As reported by the faculty, after the Japanese corporation will release prototypes of serial products, a high mileage towards Oymyakonsky and Verkhoyansky districts will be made under natural conditions in winter.

We recall that in 2012 NEFU and Bridgestone signed an agreement on cooperation, which included the conduct of joint scientific and practical tests of products of the Japanese company on the basis of the university. The first tests of winter tires were held in November 2012.


Bridgestone is the Japanese largest and second in the world tire manufacturer. The main activity is the production of tires and tubes for passenger cars, trucks and buses, construction machinery and equipment for mining, industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, aircraft, motorcycles and mopeds, and other automotive parts, raw materials for the production of tires and other.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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