The meeting with representatives of leasing companies was held at NEFU
  • 05 February 2018
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The meeting with representatives of leasing companies was held at NEFU

On January 26, students and professors of the Institute of Finances and Economics NEFU met with representatives of VEB-Leasing, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, Yakutia Airlines and ALROSA. Participants of the meeting discussed practical issues of implementing leasing transactions.

The event was organized to show students the mechanism for business interaction and introduce the practice of leasing relations. According to Sofia Gritsenko, the event moderator, the senior lecturer of the Economics and Finance Department of the Institute of Finances and Economics NEFU, such meetings should become regular, as they are one of the ways to ensure a practice-oriented educational process.

The invited guests represented all parties of leasing relations: lessors, lessees and suppliers of the leasing object. It made possible to show the process of agreeing a transaction on the leasing of helicopters. "Experts spoke about the trends and problems of the development of aviation leasing in Russia and Yakutia, they also discussed issues of insurer strenght, of updating the aviation assets, primarily helicopters, which is very important for the republic. In addition, issues of currency leasing caused by the weak rouble were discussed, as well as  volatility of financial markets and the sanctions regime," the moderator of the meeting said.

The Institute plans to hold such meetings regularly, since the format of the event allows students to learn firsthand what trends are relevant in business today. "The speech of representatives of leasing companies grew into an intensive panel discussion, involved not only students but also all invited guests and professors. This has made it clear that this  format is the most interesting and productive", - Sofya Gritsenko summed up.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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