Evgenia Mikhailova: "Studenеship is an unforgettable time to achieve more and learn more"
  • 02 February 2018
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Evgenia Mikhailova: "Studenеship is an unforgettable time to achieve more and learn more"

Dear students, professors and colleagues, I congratulate you on the Day of Russian Students - Tatiana Day!

This holiday is not only for those who are now students, but also for those who were students and remember these bright and busy days. For those who are still keeping in their souls the spark of enthusiasm and energy of the Student!

Studentship is an unforgettable time for learning new things and meeting new people. This is the period that lays the foundation for the future, makes hopes come true. You got the whole life ahead of you, the life full of wonderful ideas and grandiose achievements.

Active life position, creative ideas, initiative of youth and students have always been the driving force of the society development. You, as highly educated, qualified specialists in various fields of activity, make a worthy contribution to the development and prosperity of the republic and the country.

Dear students, appreciate every day, cherish time, do not miss your chances of success, learn to notice opportunities and manage them, always choose the truth, respect labour, do not hesitate to do something good and never despair!

I wish you all good health, happiness and good luck! 

Author: Evgenia Mikhailova, Acting Rector

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