"Always strive to find new horizons in yourself". NEFU students told about the internship at Huawei
  • 06 December 2017
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"Always strive to find new horizons in yourself". NEFU students told about the internship at Huawei

photo: from the archive of the participants of the event

Last week, three students from North-Eastern Federal University returned from their internship in China, where Huawei, the world leader in information and communication technologies, conducted special courses for participants on “Seeds for the Future” program.

Three students of NEFU Institute of Mathematics and Information Science became the first participants of the program from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The company has paid for transfer, training and accommodation to Arsen Cherdonov, Marianna Diachkovskaya and Petr Vasiliev. According to the guys, the program began with an introductory Chinese language course and calligraphy in Beijing, then in Shenzhen, students began to study the fundamentals of information and communication technologies (ICT).

A third-year student Arsen Cherdonov noted that the teaching methodology in China differs from the Russian one. The theory is immediately reinforced with practical part, which is very effective, we learned a lot about LTE technologies, CloudStorage, 5G networks, IoT and other aspects in which Huawei takes the leading position in the world, the future engineer said.

"These technologies make our life easier, although we do not notice it - for example, no one really thinks that the whole basis of our Internet is the interconnection of very complex and time-taking processes. Huawei not only improves these processes on a technical level, but also teaches students. We learned a lot of new things on these lectures", he noted. "All the useful information on technologies will serve as an excellent support in understanding the nuances of my specialty and job in the future".

The guys called on their fellow students and other students to actively participate in all programs and apply for various activities of the university and its partners. Missing contests, olympiads, lectures, you lose a lot, because the university is putting great efforts into our development, they say. "You can always find many interesting things for yourself, realize your abilities or even reveal them - because you never know what will be comfortable for you, what abilities you have and how to realize them", Arsen Cherdonov said. "Therefore, never refuse to find new horizons in yourself".

Author: Sardaana YAKOVLEVA, NEFU Newsroom

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