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NEFU entered the TOP-25 of the first ranking of the inventive university activity nationwide


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NEFU entered the TOP-25 of the first ranking of the inventive university activity nationwide

photo: Michil YAKOVLEV / from the archive of NEFU editorial board of the corporate media

The first ranking of the inventive university activity nationwide, conducted by the Analytical Center "Expert" was published. North-Eastern Federal University took the 24th place among Russian universities and the third place among federal universities.

In total, 52 Russian universities with the highest inventive activity were included in the ranking, there are six federal universities among them - Siberian, Ural, North-Eastern, Far Eastern, Kazan and Southern federal universities. Inventive activity of universities was evaluated by three blocks and ten indicators.

The university takes the 14th place in the country and the first place among federal universities on indicator "Quality". NEFU demonstrates the strongest positions in "The number of patents developed in collaboration with universities and academies" (12th place in the country) and "The number of cited patents" (18th place in the country). It should be noted that the university's cooperation with the leading scientific centers of the country and the world is the key factor in the extension of effective solutions. The university took the 25th place for “The number of active patents”.

NEFU ranks 28th nationwide and third among federal universities on indicator “Relevance”, while in such indicators as "Number of technologies patented abroad" - 12th in the country, "Number of foreign patents" - 16th. High positions on these indicators characterize the success of the university in promoting its developments in foreign markets. The indicator "Patents in collaboration with companies", according to which NEFU takes the 23rd place in the country, reflects the activity of university interaction with companies, the applied importance and relevance of developments.

The third block of the ranking is "Basic conditions". This block includes quantitative indicators such as "Total number of patents registered for 5 years" and "Number of citations made by patents on university articles". The University ranked 45 and 34, respectively.  NEFU has strong positions in the blocks "Quality" and "Relevance". This means that most of the university's developments are in demand by the academic community and are being actively implemented by companies. As the experts of the Analytical Center note, the "Basic Conditions" block is the least informative, since it includes the most common gross indicators, its weight in the ranking is 20%. More valuable are the "Relevance" and "Quality" of patents, which are intended to show "which patents of the university are not "empty".

According to NEFU Department for Strategic Development, a feature of the ranking of inventive activity of the country's higher education institutions is its compilation based on the data of patent information systems (FIPS, Patent Lens, Google Patents), which ensures the independence and objectivity of the results. The ranking of the inventive university activity was developed within the framework of the large-scale program of the Analytical Center "Expert" on the integrated assessment of research and innovation activities of Russian universities in three areas: scientific productivity, inventive and entrepreneurial activity.

"All registered results of intellectual activity (RIA) at NEFU are official, more than half of them are used in own production", said Afanasy Vinokurov, director of NEFU Intellectual Property Center. - Authors are scientists and teachers of the university, a lot of students and young specialists become authors, and developers from small innovative enterprises (SIE) of the university offer practical-oriented, implemented technical solutions. Particular attention is paid to the commercialization of developments, the introduction of RIA in economic circulation".

NEFU took a good start in the ranking of inventive activity, which is the result of consistently pursued policy in the field of intellectual property management, development of the university innovation ecosystem and small innovative enterprises.


It’s not the first time, innovative activity of the university is an object of ranking research. In the monitoring of the effectiveness of innovation activities of universities, published by the Russian Venture Company and ITMO University one year ago, NEFU took the fifth place in the country among the 40 leading universities nationwide. Including the first place on the impact on the socio-economic development of the region, the sixth place - on the introduction of innovations, the 14th place in the transfer of technology.

Within the framework of the All-Russian Contest "For Contribution to the Development of Intellectual Property" based on the results of activities for 2016, NEFU became the owner of the Grand Prix in the sub-nomination "The Best Enterprise for Organization of Work in the field of Intellectual Property of the Scientific and Educational Field".

Author: Artem VINOKUROV, NEFU Newsroom

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