NEFU Franco-Yakut expedition: about 200 burials were studied over 15 years
  • 12 September 2017
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NEFU Franco-Yakut expedition: about 200 burials were studied over 15 years

photo: Michil YAKOVLEV / from the archive of NEFU editorial board of the corporate media

Researchers of North-Eastern Federal University and Paul Sabotier University of Toulouse (France) will continue to cooperate and expand the range of scientific research on the ancient world of the Yakuts. The International Scientific and Practical Expedition "Peoples of the Far East of Russia: Problems of Complex Reconstruction of the Historical Past" was completed in Yakutsk on September 5.

Within the frameworks of 15 years of cooperation, the Franco-Yakut expedition was financed by the French side. "We organized research in the Vilyuisky, northern and central regions of the republic, studied about 200 burials. Currently, a wealth of scientific material has been collected, some of which was published in the monograph "The History of Yakutia", shared the doctor of historical sciences, NEFU Professor Anatoly Alekseyev. - Several scientific and documentary films were shot by French TV channels. I will confidently say that the project is not only scientific, but also cultural and educational".

Not only archaeologists and historians participated in scientific works, but also genetics. Thanks to their research, it was revealed that related families from the Tattinsky, Megino-Kangalasky and Khangalasky regions of Yakutia moved to the Verkhoyansky region. "The oldest burials were of the 15th century. Studies have shown that tuberculosis and pertussis were the leading cause of death in the population. During the excavations, these diseases can not spread again, because there is a lack of a development chain, so scientific works are safe", the historian explained.

As a result of the conference, the scientists of NEFU, the Institute of Humanitarian Research and Problems of the Indigenous Peoples of the North of the SB RAS and Paul Sabotier University decided to continue and expand the boundaries of cooperation, and planned to increase exchange programs for students. Also, according to the results of the event, an electronic edition of the conference materials will be published in French, English and Russian, which will be presented in the journal Archaeology and Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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