NEFU International cooperation: the basic lectures of the RJE3 program at the University of Hokkaido
  • 06 September 2017
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NEFU International cooperation: the basic lectures of the RJE3 program at the University of Hokkaido

photo: from the personal archive of the participants of the event

From August 28 to September 1, there were regular basic courses of the RJE3 program at the University of Hokkaido (Japan). Three master’s students and one graduate student of North-Eastern Federal University completed the program this year.

The participants listened to the lectures of leading professors from universities of the Far East and the University of Hokkaido on the environment and resources, history and culture, living conditions and regional development, the present and future of the politics and economy of the Far East and the Arctic. At the end of the course, student teams made presentations, which presented ideas on the sustainable development of the Far East and the Arctic zone in cooperation with Japan.

"The students offered to establish research and tourism centers, to expand the training of experts specializing in the northern regions. There were ideas on the establishment of a transfer of the Japanese technologies for renewable energy, the opening of a joint Russian-Japanese network in the field of IT and the joint media space with the goal of improving knowledge about the region, the Arctic and Japan", said Vladlen Kugunurov, NEFU Vice Rector for International Cooperation.

Also there was the annual meeting of the internal governing board of the RJE3 program, where reports on the activities of the participating universities were presented. "We met with the management and staff of the Arctic Research Center of the University of Hokkaido, discussed the plans of the joint research laboratory and questions about the launch of the joint master's program in the field of sustainable development of the Arctic with the leadership of the Environmental Faculty of the University of Hokkaido", the Vice Rector said.

According to Vladlen Kugunurov, there will be a discussion about cooperation between universities in Asia, including the Association of Russian and Japanese Universities established last year at the East Economic Forum in Vladivostok.


The RJE3 program has been operating since 2014 on the Grant of the Government of Japan. Its goal is to train a group of specialists who will be able to play a leading role in the field of sustainability of ecology, culture and development in the regions of the Far East. On the Russian side, Far Eastern Federal University, Pacific State University, Irkutsk State University and Sakhalin State University participate in the program as well as NEFU.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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