NEFU student was awarded the title of international draught grandmaster
  • 25 July 2017
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NEFU student was awarded the title of international draught grandmaster

Photo: from the archive of NEFU IPCS

Zhao Hanqing, a student of North-Eastern Federal University from China, won the title of champion at the Asian Championship in International Draughts. Following the results of the tournament, she was awarded the title of international grandmaster, according to NEFU Center for Mind Sports.

Zhao Hanqing scored 12 points at the tournament, ahead of sixteen competitors from ten Asian countries. She became the first grandmaster in international draughts from China – no one achieved this level before her nationwide.

The newly-minted grandmaster graduated from the children's sports school of mind sports in Hubei Province, and entered NEFU Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. "Zhao became the fourth grandmaster among the students of our university. We are sincerely glad and proud of our champion", said Yury Nikiforov, the head of the Center for Mind Sports of the University.

Before Zhao Hanqing, a high athletic title among the students of the federal university was given to Nikolay Germogenov, Stepanida Kirillina and Aiyina Sobakina.

The draught player will continue training in the new academic year. "Coach of Zhao - Nikolay Germogenov, international grandmaster. We have big plans, one of them is participation in the World Women's Championship in International Draughts, which will take place in Tallinn, Estonia", said the director of the center.

Author: Sardaana YAKOVLEVA, NEFU Newsroom

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