NEFU to train environmental engineers in 2022

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  • 04 October 2021
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NEFU to train environmental engineers in 2022

A new training program "Environmental Engineering" of North-Eastern Federal University will be launched in 2022. Ivan Yadrikhinsky, an associate professor at the Institute of Natural Sciences, said about it during the III Northern Forum on Sustainable Development, according to TASS.

It is planned to do systematic work to identify potentially hazardous objects of economic infrastructure, quantitative assessment of their environmental safety, the necessary engineering and technical protection to ensure the required reliability and industrial safety. Ivan Yadrikhinsky emphasized that the ecological catastrophe that occurred in the Krasnoyarsk Territory requires preventive action to prevent such cases in Yakutia.

“The implementation of the training program “Environmental Engineering” on the basis of the Institute of Natural Sciences will begin in 2022. We will be the first university in the Far East that will train environmental engineers,” said Ivan Yadrikhinsky.

NEFU associate professor added that within the framework of the admission quotas, 20 state-funded places are planned for the new bachelor's degree program. The main focus in training will be on engineering developments. “Now we are training environmental natural resource users. And these personnel will be trained for subsoil users. Future specialists in this field will analyze the situation and develop measures to reduce the existing and possible damage to the environment,” concluded Ivan Yadrikhinsky.

Author: Anna BAISAKOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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