NEFU scientists master methods of work on the somatic cell nuclear transfer in Abu Dhabi

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  • 14 January 2022
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NEFU scientists master methods of work on the somatic cell nuclear transfer in Abu Dhabi

Staff of ICCU "Molecular Paleontology" of North-Eastern Federal University study at the Center of Biotechnological Research of the UAE under the guidance of Professor Hwang Woo Suk within the contract on the study of mammoth fauna animals. Acquired knowledge will help the university to train the first animal embryologist.  

"Here Professor Hwang is engaged in cloning camels, cattle and dogs. The graduate student of INS NEFU Sardana Efremova will stay in UAE for more than three months, but I will stay here for three weeks because I have introductory training program. As the head of the laboratory, I have to figure out how to work on our new equipment, what reagents and consumables should be used, understand the essence of the methodology and more," − said Lena Grigorieva, a leading researcher of NEFU ICCU "Molecular Paleontology" Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North.

There are few specialists in Russia who know methods of somatic cell nuclear transfer of animals and other cellular technologies accompanying this technique, emphasizes Lena Grigorieva. "The country mainly trains medical embryologists who perform in vitro fertilization. However, IVF is a simpler technique, but somatic cell nuclear transfer is quite complicated. Upon successful end of training, Sardana Efremova will become one of the rare specialists in animal embryology," the scientist adds.

Following the results of the trip to Abu Dhabi, the ICCU staff will write scientific articles on how scientific activities will be organized. It is also planned to write a grant application.

Author: Anna BAISAKOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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