NEFU Botanic Garden to open the festival “Zimniy sad-Winter@Garden” in Yakutsk

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  • 12 January 2022
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NEFU Botanic Garden to open the festival “Zimniy sad-Winter@Garden” in Yakutsk

The Festival of knowledge “Zimniy sad-Winter@Garden” will be held in the lecture halls of the Multimedia Historical Park "Russia - My History” from January 15 to February 28. The Botanic Garden of the North-Eastern Federal University is one of the organizers.

As the director of the Botanic Garden Natalia Ivanova said, the festival promotes complex perception of various areas of research and creativity, develops artistic perception of any object in terms of scientific interest. “Through the festival we want to develop creative and scientific abilities that underlie any areas of human activity, to increase the level of the ecological culture and responsibility of citizens, and to attract public attention to preservation and respect for natural resources,” said director.

During the festival, there will be an online platform “SCI-ART. Science and art” where popular science lectures, seminars in various scientific areas: Earth sciences, ethnography, biology, geography, ecology and etc will be held. The festival will be interesting for kids too, organizers prepared for them educational and entertainment programs. Pupils will be told about the seven steps for an eco-friendly lifestyle, they will hold a master class on making an eco-keychain, they will explain how to reduce family waste by 10 times, they will also be introduced to the etymology of plants and flowers from computer games, and much more.

Also, festival guests will be shown the exhibition of botanical illustrations and marinas-paintings of the sea- “Songs of the sea and flowers. On the distant shores." Expositions are a work of art made in various techniques: watercolour, pastel, ink and pencil. As organizers said, paintings of exhibition will let visitors to see the incredible beauty of plants and sea views.


The event will be held in online and offline mode. You can connect in the real time mode by link. The organizers of the festival are the Botanic Garden of the NEFU, the Multimedia Historical Park "Russia - My History" and the Association for the Promotion of Culture and Art "Creative Union" of Moscow.

"Zimniy sad - Winter@Garden" is held within the framework of the comprehensive scientific and educational program "@Garden".

Author: Kristina STEPANOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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