NEFU representatives hold online lessons for Day2Day Russian Speaking Club

photo: from the archive of participants

  • 23 November 2021
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NEFU representatives hold online lessons for Day2Day Russian Speaking Club

Foreign students and applicants advance in their knowledge of the Russian language and culture within the framework of the Open Speaking Club "Day2Day Russian". The lecturers are representatives of nine Russian universities, members of the network partnership "Russian Universities-Exporters" (RUE), including North-Eastern Federal University.

“The Russian language is one of the most demanded and richest, wonderful books are written in it, which are read worldwide. We expand the opportunities for learning Russian, making it more accessible for foreigners who want to acquaint with the Russian culture. At the same time, young people are learning the language in order to get higher education in Russia. I am sure that the project “DigitalUni Russian Club” will develop and will be helpful to both potential applicants and system of the Russian higher education,” said Natalia Ivanova, head of the IPR MEDIA Group of Companies.

Alizana Sleptsova, a leading specialist of NEFU Department for Work with Foreign Students, works with students from China, whose knowledge of the Russian language is at the A2 level. “I analyze the main difficulties in learning Russian that all Chinese encounter - in terms of grammar and pronunciation. Due to the fact that I know Chinese, I feel comfortable explaining things to the students in their native language. We communicate and I feel that I hold classes more confidently,” said the lecturer.

Over 700 people from more than 80 countries of the world have registered to participate in the club. There are representatives of Eurasia, North and South America, USA and Australia among the participants. The Speaking Club is especially popular among residents of China, India, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, and Africa. During the lessons, the participants will discuss: "Russia, which you did not know", "Virtual tour of Russian cities", "Where can you study and work in Russia?", "Virtual life vs real life", "Let's talk about movies" and other topics.


The Speaking Club "Day2Day Russian" was organized within the framework of the informational and educational project of the IPR MEDIA company - "DigitalUni Russian Club". It is an online resource, dedicated to education in Russian, teaching the Russian language and Russian culture. The project is implemented with the use of a grant from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Author: Anna BAISAKOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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