NEFU Medical Clinic consults citizens as part of Health Fair

photo: from the archive of NEFU Newsroom

  • 10 September 2021
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NEFU Medical Clinic consults citizens as part of Health Fair

The Ministry of Health of Yakutia together with medical organizations will hold a Health Fair at the Triumph sports complex on September 10 at 10 a.m. Residents of Yakutsk can use the services of the Medical Clinic of North-Eastern Federal University.

The program of the fair from NEFU Clinic includes consultations of the population, functional diagnostics. The clinic will provide the population with discount cards for ELISA tests to detect COVID-19 and blood sugar tests. A dermatologist-cosmetologist will diagnose the skin of the face, hair, choose an individual program for instrumental procedures – PRP therapy, mesotherapy and so on. A representative of the Yakutsk regional public movement for the promotion of healthy lifestyle "Sober Yakutia" will talk about a healthy lifestyle.

Tuyara Dyachkovskaya, chief PR specialist of NEFU Clinic, will tell the citizens about cooperation with South Korean clinics, online consultations for the population and seriously ill patients at the Telemedicine Center of NEFU Clinic. “Also, our trauma orthopaedist will consult and run diagnostics with the help of an apparatus, where he will detect early osteoporosis. A traumatologist and pulmonologist will also meet with the population,” said Tuyara Dyachkovskaya.

In addition, NEFU Clinic will present a joint project of the clinic with Skolkovo residents - a product of highly purified organic hyaluronic acid. The Arctic Innovation Center is the curator of the project. NEFU has accreditation for clinical trials, as part of which the product is tested on humans. A license agreement is being developed for joint development and commercialization of technologies, according to the center.

The main goal of the event is to increase the interest of citizens in the preservation of their health and living a healthy lifestyle. Besides NEFU Clinic, 16 medical organizations are participating in the event: Medical Center of Yakutsk, National Medical Center, Yakutsk City Hospital No. 2 and No. 3, Phthisiology Research and Practice Center and others. You should have your passport, SNILS, insurance policy.


The fair is held within the framework of the Year of Health in the republic and the celebration of the Day of Yakutsk.

Author: Kristina STEPANOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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