NEFU strengthens positions in Expert Center Ranking

photo: from the archive of NEFU Newsroom

  • 10 June 2021
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NEFU strengthens positions in Expert Center Ranking

The Expert analytic center has completed another research on scientific productivity and invention activity of Russian universities. According to the results, North-Eastern Federal University entered the top 20 in publication activity and took the 18th-23rd place among Russian universities and the fourth among federal universities in invention activity.

The publication activity ranking focuses on scientific publications, and the invention activity index assesses the success of universities in patent activity. NEFU entered the top 20 in such subject areas as humanities, earth sciences, mathematics and social sciences.

“The university improved its performance by four positions in Mathematics and was ranked 15th. In Earth Sciences, the university strengthened its positions and took 15-16 places. In Ecology - 22-24 place. In Social Sciences, we are in the 16-18 place. In Humanities - 13th place, and in the field of Management - 25-26th place. In the new subject area Artificial Intelligence, NEFU took 44-45 positions," said Tatiana Volkova, Director of NEFU Department of Strategic Development.

The analysis of invention activity is carried out according to certain blocks, the head of the department noted. This ranking includes 103 Russian universities, NEFU took the 18th-23rd place among Russian universities and the fourth among federal universities. NEFU has been in the top 20 strongest universities for the second year in a row, Tatiana Volkova emphasized. She said that NEFU demonstrates the strongest positions in category G (Transition to Highly Productive Eco-friendly, Agro-, Aqua- and Agriculture), which correlates with the SDG 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production" and ranks 6th.

Author: Olga ALEKSEEVA, NEFU Newsroom

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