Lecture of NEFU researcher was published on the official TEDx Talks YouTube channel

  • 29 April 2021
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Lecture of NEFU researcher was published on the official TEDx Talks YouTube channel

30.8 million subscribers of the official YouTube channel of the global scientific project TED/TEDx - TEDx Talks can watch the talk of Dmitry Filippov, dean of the Faculty of Road Construction, on the joint project "House under the Dome" of North-Eastern Federal University with Sinet Group.

Dmitry Filippov is one of the speakers at the TEDxYakutsk conference, which took place in Yakutsk on April 10. Now the world scientific community can get acquainted with his lecture. “For me, the university as a whole is an important moment. We announced about our project and the scientific potential of NEFU to the entire world through this platform. The project might be of interest to industrialists, scientific organizations, venture capital funds, which could invest in its scaling up. The project is coming to an end and after the final scientific and technical report, we will give final recommendations, as a result of which the dome can become larger,” said the dean.

Dmitry Filippov said that when he was invited to speak at TEDx, he didn’t hesitate long and agreed. “We have been preparing for this conference for several months. I realized how serious and responsible project was. We worked with the editors of NEFU Department of Journalism, acting teachers at the Yakutsk College of Culture and Arts. The broadcast took place from the modern Jalinga studio of the Advanced Training Center. It's nice that I got the chance to speak at this venue, the speakers of which were great people,” summed up Dmitry Filippov.

Each TED and TEDx event has a specific theme, the TEDxYakutsk theme is “Strong and Passionate!” The conference was attended by seven speakers from various fields, including biomechanics, architecture, ethnography, art. The conference program was also attended by speakers who spoke about human capabilities, how ideas and aspirations can change the world.


The organizer of the conference in Yakutsk was the SMART 2.0.3 Library.

TED is a global scientific project known worldwide. Previously, the conference was attended by such personalities as the 42nd US President Bill Clinton, Nobel laureates James Watson, Murray Gell-Mann, and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Author: Kristina STEPANOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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