NEFU became co-chair of the Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities

  • 02 April 2021
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NEFU became co-chair of the Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities

The Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities (ASRTU) celebrated its 10th anniversary online. As part of the celebration, North-Eastern Federal University received the status of the co-chair of the organization.

NEFU Rector Anatoly Nikolaev said that NEFU joined the Association of Sino-Russian Technical Universities in 2015 at the ASRTU Meeting in Shanghai. The university has been participating in the life of the Association all these years: ASRTU meetings in different cities of Russia and China, summer and winter schools under the auspices of ASRTU, summits of rectors, the rector said: “It is symbolic that we became co-chair of the ASRTU in the year of ASRTU’s 10th anniversary, as well as during the upcoming chairmanship of Russia in the Arctic Council. We are ready, together with partner universities within the ASRTU, to continue to expand the Arctic agenda of joint activities and research, to hold the Second ASRTU Arctic Research Forum and to become even more actively involved in the development of the Association."

Anatoly Aleksandrov, permanent Chairman of ASRTU on the Russian side, Rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, added that in 2011, 30 leading technical universities of both countries joined their efforts to develop joint research, expand academic exchange of students and teachers, and implement humanitarian projects.

“Our association has become the first specialized Russian-Chinese association. Following its example, Russian-Chinese associations of economic, transport, pedagogical, and sports universities were created. Over the years, ASRTU has implemented large-scale projects - scientific conferences in priority areas, a competition of scientific papers with subsequent publication, "ASRTU Friendship Trains" in the cities of universities in China and Russia, and others. The interest of young people in studying at universities in our countries and learning Russian and Chinese languages ​​has grown significantly. The most important thing is that we have become much closer, we understand each other better, we have made new friends,” commented Anatoly Aleksandrov.

HIT President Mr. Zhou Yu, permanent Chairman of ASRTU on the Chinese side, said that Russian-Chinese relations have become more mature and stable: “The relations between our countries have come a long way: from constructive to comprehensive partnership. The ASRTU decade symbolizes the continuous development of relations between Russia and China: over the years of cooperation in the field of higher education, our countries have made a great leap forward. Currently, the association includes 68 universities. ASRTU will continue to support the creation of platforms such as the Russian-Chinese joint postgraduate programs, programs for the exchange of experience in the field of scientific and technological innovations. ASRTU’s small satellite programs will promote the exchange of students between partner universities, put efforts into the joint training of specialists."

Director of the Institute of the East Nyurgun Maksimov noted that it is a significant event for NEFU to receive the status of co-chair. “This is a recognition of the merits of our university within the framework of the association, confirmation of the role of the university in Russian-Chinese relations in the field of higher education. ASRTU is one of nine associations of universities that is dynamically developing. The association includes 68 universities, 36 of which are Russian and 32 are Chinese. In 2018, NEFU hosted a meeting of the association, which included the first ASRTU Forum on Arctic research,” said Nyurgun Maksimov.


ASRTU was established with the aim to join the efforts of the leading technical universities of Russia and China in training highly qualified personnel for innovative economy, promoting academic exchange of students and teachers, and developing scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and China.

The Association was founded on the basis of Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) with the subsequent establishment of the Directorates at these universities.

Author: Kristina STEPANOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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