Media about NEFU: February 24 to 28

  • 02 March 2021
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Media about NEFU: February 24 to 28

NEFU ranked fifth among 49 Russian universities according to the results of the organization of the summer labor semester 2020. About 190 educational organizations applied for participation, according to SakhaNews news agency.

“NEFU has rapidly risen from 15th place to fifth. This confirms the influence that our university has on the development of student teams in Yakutia as a whole and in certain areas. After graduation from the university, our students - members of NEFU ST Headquarters - get working specialties, which can serve as an advantage for them in employment. During summer internships, they gain invaluable life experience by visiting various construction sites across the country. We are proud of our students,” said Sofron Novgorodov, head of the Student Development Department.

Author: Kristina STEPANOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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