The project House under the dome of NEFU and Sinet Group has been extended for a year

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  • 11 September 2020
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The project House under the dome of NEFU and Sinet Group has been extended for a year

The experiment of the House under the dome, which is being implemented on the PDA territory “Yakutia”, was extended for the winter period of 2021 - it is planned to supply the house with electricity. Dmitry Filippov, Dean of the Faculty of Road Construction of North-Eastern Federal University, reported this to TASS.

These days, an interim research report on the progress of the experiment is being approved, Dmitry Filippov noted. “The data on meteorological observations are interesting, the strong influence of the sun on the climate inside the dome is recorded. In the coldest winter temperatures, the difference between the temperature inside the dome and outside reached 16-18 degrees due to the influence of the sun. The main results on soil temperature will be obtained in the next five months,” commented the FRC dean.

The research as part of the experiment started on December 2. Due to the pandemic, some works planned for the summer period have been postponed until next year. In the summer, engineers fought against the greenhouse effect. There was a lot of advice on how to organize ventilation. But the most popular of them - dismantling one of the honeycombs - is impossible, since the dome is a single, integral canvas.

The defrost process is being monitored now, observations will be carried out until the New Year for comparison with last year's numbers. At the same time, scientists monitor the climate inside and outside the dome, measure the thermophysical indicators of the house, its heat and energy efficiency. Soon the house will be electrified, which will allow residents to survive the winter much easier.

The House under the dome is a joint experiment of NEFU scientists and Sinet Group. The dome is a five-ton structure built around a one-story house with a garage. The initiators of the project expect to receive data on the possibility of using dome structures for various buildings and engineering facilities in severe climatic conditions and the permafrost.

Author: Anna BAISAKOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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