NEFU Arctic Innovation Center produced a dietary supplement “Calcium-Sigostin”

photo: from NEFU AIC

  • 05 June 2019
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NEFU Arctic Innovation Center produced a dietary supplement “Calcium-Sigostin”

SIB Dary Yakutiyi Ltd of the Arctic Innovation Center of North-Eastern Federal University launched the project "Calcium - Sigostin". It includes the manufacture and sale of dietary supplements from food fishbone powder of northern whitefish.

According to director of the Dary Yakutiyi Ltd Filipp Borisov, all the relevant documentation, patents and other titles of protection for the products were received. “We have been working on the project for 5 and a half years. Our product will be in demand as an alternative to commercially available calcium-phosphorus metabolism regulators, for example, Calcium D3 Nicomed and others. The modern consumer market is focused on natural organic products,” commented the director.

The importance of the product with high biological activity is in the primary and secondary prevention of diseases associated with calcium-phosphorus metabolism problem, noted Filipp Borisov: “The combination of calcium, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 groups, water- and fat-soluble vitamins in fishbone powder allows you to increase the absorption and calcium concentration in tissues and cells. Thus, calcium homeostasis is maintained in the body of both healthy and sick people.”

“Today we conclude contracts with pharmacies. We will sell a limited edition of one thousand packs,” concluded Filipp Borisov.

Author: Anna POSTNIKOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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