Media about NEFU: from April 30 to May 5

photo: Michil YAKOVLEV, NEFU Newsroom

  • 07 May 2019
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Media about NEFU: from April 30 to May 5

There are many incredible artifacts in the permafrost zones of our planet, which gradually expose due to global warming, according to Kazakh newspaper “Moskovskij Komsomolets”. According to the publication, one of the last outstanding discoveries, which excites the consciousness of scientists, is a horse, lived 40,000 years ago.

“Samples of fossil soil, buried vegetation from enclosing sediments were selected, where the foal was in the ice for tens of thousands of years. An analysis of these samples will show the conditions in which the animal lived, the climate features and vegetation of that era. The research was filmed by the film crew of the Japanese television company Fuji Television Network, which is the organizer of the mammoth exhibition in Japan,” noted Director of the Mammoth Museum of NEFU Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North Semyon Grigoriev.

Author: Aleksandra IGNATIEVA, NEFU Newsroom

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