International Women's Day: congratulations from Evgenia Mikhailova

  • 07 March 2019
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International Women's Day: congratulations from Evgenia Mikhailova

Dear colleagues, dear women!

International Women's Day March 8 - the day of solidarity of all women has been celebrated as the most beautiful, bright and favorite holiday of all decent men. On this day, even the most unsmiling man touchingly and shyly smiles and gives you his sympathy. On this day of the celebration of equal rights of women and men, our compatriots, and foreign like-minded people, generously admit the supremacy of women's qualities and sincerely admire the mind, character, willpower and responsibility, the energy of creativity and talent of the weak and gentle half of humanity! We, women, can only agree and, of course, strive for new victories!

Who captures without a fight, strikes without a weapon, who pierces without arrows? Of course, woman! Who will warm with the warmth of her heart, who will grant immeasurable happiness, who will grant freedom with her trust, who will thank with her love? Of course, woman!

So we will inspire men to a good job, protect them from all adversities, support all their good work, so that they had only luck and success, so that national projects became personal, and all indicators are individual.

Happy March 8th!

Author: Evgenia MIKHAILOVA, NEFU Interim Rector

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