"Hour of science": NEFU students were told about the legal protection of the environment

  • 08 February 2019
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"Hour of science": NEFU students were told about the legal protection of the environment

Popular science lectures from scholars and teachers were held at the Research Library of North-Eastern Federal University. Jean Pierre Desideri, Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of Paris-Saclay (France), Doctor of Law, told about how to protect the environment.

“I am the head of NEFU master's program dealing with the issue of environmental rights. The program trains lawyers and legal experts who will deal with environmental law. After training, lawyers will work with the legal aspects of ecology. Through this program, NEFU students can receive two diplomas after the graduation”, said Jean Pierre Desideri.

Mr. Desideri noted that today the protection of ecology is not legally regulated. “My lecture will be about solutions that lawyers can offer in solving this serious problem. Today we already have problems with serious consequences. Energy resources are running out, climate is warming, there is much concern about recycling of waste. Obviously, there is no regulation in the legal aspect”, he explained.

“The government and senior staff are not properly engaged in environmental protection. The lack of legal regulations is due to the fact that nature - the ocean, rivers, mountains do not belong to anyone. In the interests of ordinary citizens, their nature should be protected. If the Lena River is polluted, it will concern only you. The main problem is that due to the lack of rights to nature, it is impossible to bring intruders to justice. Environmental lawyers are addressing these issues”, said Jean Pierre Desideri.

Author: Viktoria SUNTKHAVONG, NEFU Newsroom

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