NEFU foreign students honored the memory of Platon Oyunsky
  • 07 November 2018
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NEFU foreign students honored the memory of Platon Oyunsky

The "Night of the Arts" was held in honor of National Unity Day in the Yakutsk State Literary Museum named after P.A. Oyunsky. Foreign students from North-Eastern Federal University took an active part.

“Foreign students, studying at the Department of Russian language as a Foreign of NEFU Faculty of Philology, took an active part in the celebration. Wang Shanshan, exchange student from the Heilongjiang Institute of Foreign Languages, read Platon Oyunsky’s poem “to Chinese People” in Chinese, a Korean student Hong Utek told a poem in Korean. A group of students from China sang a national song. Kondo Satosi from Sapparo University played on the “khomus” (Yakut musical instrument) and Japanese musical instrument”, said Elena Dishkant, associate professor at the Department of Russian Language as a Foreign of NEFU Faculty of Philology.

During the “Night of the Arts”, a tour of the museum and the memorial house-museum of Platon Oyunsky was held for the guests, an exhibition “Eposes and tales of the peoples of the world” and translation of art publications from the personal library of Innokenty Pukhov, Honored Scientist of the YASSR, candidate of philological sciences, folklorist. In addition, the writer Anna Gogoleva gave a lecture about the statesman. A visual tour “Home of P.A. Oyunsky” was presented at the lecture for the first time.

The literary and musical celebration “Night of the Arts” on the theme “Friendship of Peoples - Friendship of Literatures” was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of P.A. Oyunsky, a public and state figure, a talented writer, olonkhosut, and a linguist. The event took place within celebration of National Unity Day. At the end of the evening, all gathered people of different nationalities and ages danced osuokhai (national round dance) in honor of the great son of the Yakut people, friendship and unity in the land of Olonkho”, said Elena Dishkant.

The event gathered more than 50 visitors. Also, the poems of Platon Oyunsky, translated into different languages, songs in native language were sung. Creative teams and representatives of different nationalities of the world took part in the “Night of the Arts”.

Author: Viktoria SUNTKHAVONG, NEFU Newsroom

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