Consul General Ohm Ki-Yeong: “The exchange of cultural traditions is an important part of economic relations between countries”

  • 11 October 2018
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Consul General Ohm Ki-Yeong: “The exchange of cultural traditions is an important part of economic relations between countries”

On October 9, the Educational Center of Korean Language and Culture of King Sejong Institute was opened at North-Eastern Federal University. The Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Irkutsk Ohm Ki-Yeong noted the importance of the center in expanding economic and cultural cooperation between the countries in his welcoming speech.

“The Institute is engaged in teaching and popularization of the Korean language and culture in 174 cities of 57 countries of the world. The concept of language and culture plays an important role in enhancing mutual understanding and interest. Because of the implementation of the new northern policy of the Korean Government and the Russian federal program for the development of Siberia and the Far East, relations between our countries are developing closely and effectively. I hope that the establishment of the center will make a positive contribution to the formation of economic cooperation between our regions”, said the Consul General.

In turn, NEFU Interim Rector Evgenia Mikhailova recalled the birth of contacts between the Republic of Korea and Yakutia. “When in 1994 we opened the Sakha-Korean school with Professor Kang Duck Soo, we didn’t assume that such an educational center would be established in Yakutsk or that a part of a large LG company would open here”, said Evgenia Mikhailova.

She also noted the role of Professor Ahn Sang-Cheol in the development of educational programs. “Professor Ahn is a very courageous man who has been living here for seven years. When the professor proposed to engage in educational programs that relate to the development of the Arctic, I supported him. Today, he says that we should promote convergent projects and make suggestions”, said the university head.


The Sejonghakdang Institute is a cultural and educational project of the Republic of Korea that focuses on the comprehensive informational, educational and methodological support of the needs of students and teachers of Korean studies, as well as the coordination and standardization of the course of Korean studies for foreign students. The institution bears the name of the fourth king of Joseon Sejong Great dynasty, who has invented the Korean alphabet in 1446.

Professor Kang Duck Soo is the Head of the Department of Russian Language at Hankuk University. He was one of the originators of the opening of the Sakha-Korean School, the establishment of the Sakha-Korean Association and the opening of the Korean language department at the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies of NEFU. Translated the Yakut heroic epic "Olonkho" into Korean.

Author: Viktoria SUNTKHAVONG, NEFU Newsroom

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