“Open. Lectures”: how the mammoth became a cultural brand of Yakutia
  • 25 June 2018
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“Open. Lectures”: how the mammoth became a cultural brand of Yakutia

Senior research fellow of the laboratory "Mammoth Museum" Semyon Grigoriev lectured at the scientific-educational lecture "Open. lectures", which takes place every Friday in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure. He told about the origin of mammoths and the most significant discoveries of the remains of an extinct animal.

"Over the past 20 years, the mammoth has become the main brand of Yakutia as a unique territory with paleontological riddles and huge prospects for scientific research. In future, we are even talking about the revival of extinct animals. The scientists of the federal university work together with scientists from leading foreign and domestic universities and research institutes on this problem", he said.

According to the expert, the remains of ancient animals have been well preserved due to the permafrost. "Paleontological discoveries are of great interest and value to the scientific community. Our discoveries are unique, have no analogues in the world", the researcher noted.

Candidate of Biological Sciences Semyon Grigoriev noted that most of the mammoths died about 10 thousand years ago during the last ice age. According to NEFU research fellow, woolly rhinoceroses, cave bears, northern lions and even hyenas lived during periods of warming in the territory of the modern Arctic.

Author: Vasilina POPOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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