Mikhail Fedorov: "Rankings show the status of the university and the quality of education"
  • 19 June 2018
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Mikhail Fedorov: "Rankings show the status of the university and the quality of education"

This year North-Eastern Federal University showed a qualitative breakthrough in the university ranking of the Expert RA. In particular, the university has significantly improved its position on the indicator "University work with schools": it moved up from seventh place to the fourth among all universities nationwide. According to Mikhail Fedorov, the Vice Rector for Pedagogical Work of the federal university, this indicator has a strong influence on the image of the university by applicants and their parents.

According to the Vice Rector, rankings are not just marketing tools, but an important strategic tool for identifying trends in the development of the education sector. The position of universities in the rankings is a certain indicator of the status of the educational institution and its capabilities.

Modern graduates monitor the rankings and it is important for them to continue their education in the university, which is among the leaders, said Mikhail Fedorov. "Our university has shown good results in the rankings of Russian universities in recent years. I think that the competition for admission to NEFU will increase in many areas. The University works annually with potential applicants, from year to year the average score of the USE of incoming students increases, compared to previous years", said the Vice Rector of the federal university.

Mikhail Fedorov drew attention to the fact that the university brand is built not only by marketing specialists, but also by teachers, students and other employees of the university. He believes that improving the performance of any university, including Ammosov University in various rankings, is an indicator of improving the quality of students and increasing the effectiveness of faculty.

"The fact that our students take leading places and prizes at the All-Russian Student's Olympiads in many areas, regardless of whether it is Physics, Mathematics, Medicine, Teaching or Technical Sciences, once again proves that we got motivated and talented students. They start working on the results from the first year. This concerns the work of teachers and scientists of the university. The more scientific publications you cite in the Web of Science, Scopus, the more it raises the status and motivation", said NEFU Vice Rector.

Let us remember, this year Ammosov University took the 34 place in the Russian ranking of universities of the Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA).

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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