NEFU entered the top 30 of the best universities in Russia
  • 07 June 2018
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NEFU entered the top 30 of the best universities in Russia

North-Eastern Federal University has risen by 5 positions up and ranked 28th among the best universities nationwide in the National University Rankings, according to NEFU Department of Strategic Development.

The National University Ranking is compiled by the Information Group "Interfax" and the radio station "Echo of Moscow". In 2018, the ranking included 288 Russian universities, including 10 federal universities and 29 national research universities.

According to the staff of the department, the activity of universities was evaluated according to six basic parametric indicators: education, research, socialization, internationalization, brand and university assessment in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. "The evaluation was based on the processing of questionnaires filled by representatives of universities, accessible public data posted by educational institutions on their official websites, public information resources of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, as well as information from SPARC and SCAN databases", said Director of NEFU Department of Strategic Development Elena Afanasyeva.

Consistently NEFU showed high positions in the parameter "Socialization" - 22 place in Russia. The university's positions in the parameters "Innovations and Entrepreneurship", "Research" and "Internationalization" have significantly strengthened. According to the parameter "Innovation and Entrepreneurship", NEFU has risen by 15 positions up and took the 25th place among Russian universities. In "Research" parameter, the university took the 51 place nationwide, having risen by 12 positions up in comparison with the previous year. The international activity of the University was highly appreciated - Ammosov University made 68 positions up and took the 65th place in Russia in the "Internationalization" parameter.


The National University Ranking is compiled by the Information Group "Interfax" in partnership with the radio "Echo of Moscow". The main goal of this project is the development of mechanisms and procedures for an independent system for evaluating Russian universities and their educational programs, increasing the competitiveness of Russian universities in the world educational and research spaces.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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