NEFU International Club


NEFU International is a student organization of international friendship. The organization was founded and operates with the support of NEFU. 

First of all, NEFU International is a cross-cultural communication, the integration of foreign students into the university life as well as the formation of conscious, motivated attitude of NEFU students to learning foreign languages and the need for their practical use.

 Each member of the club consolidates and puts into practice their knowledge of not only language but also other countries’ history, geography, policy.

Being a member of our organization:

·      You have a chance to join the English Club, the union of university students which aims at the formation of language learning environment, information exchange, and English knowledge improvement.


·      You can participate in the Language Tandem Program where you can exchange language and practise the knowledge of not only English, but also French, Indonesian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and many others!

 Also, there is the Buddy Program designed for foreign students who are interested in the cooperation and active, responsible student members of our organization. Participating in this program, you become like an “older brother”  for a foreign student, thus contributing to the most comfortable, enjoyable and quick adaptation at NEFU and in Yakutsk.


But that’s not all! Of course, it’s an infinite number of joint activities, trips and simply a pleasant communication!

 NEFU International President: John Anderson, 3d year student of the Institute of Finance and Economics


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Instagram: @nefuint

NEFU International