The Chair is a system of scientific and educational programs on the topic


The Chair has a consulting and advisory body - the Chair Council, consisting of heads of structural divisions of the university and leading scientists working on the Chair’s topic.

Our Chair should play a key role in the implementation of its goals as an international scientific and educational center of UNESCO and carries out work in the following areas of activity:

- coordination of scientific and educational activities of structural units of the North-Eastern Federal University on the topic "Adaptation of society and man in the Arctic regions in the context of climate change and globalization in the field of education, science and culture;

- coordination of the integrated educational process of NEFU on the Chair’s issues through the development of educational and methodical complex, new training courses on ecology, biology, demography, international (polar) law, "mediation", "Northern studies", "circumpolar culture", "Arctic telemedicine", "distance education", "knowledge economy", etc. based on scientific and educational projects of UNESCO and NEFU;

- development of an educational and information portal of the UNESCO International Chair in order to ensure the availability of information, the organization of a distance learning system, informatization of international scientific cooperation;

- scientific substantiation and assessment of the role of the Arctic in global natural and climatic changes of the planet, studies of adaptation of society and man in the Arctic regions to climate change, to the consequences of industrial and economic development of the Arctic; (http://arctic-megapedia.ru)

- development and publication of textbooks and monographs on the activities of the Chair and UNESCO/ UNITWIN;

- creation, under the auspices of UNESCO, of an interuniversity network of interaction in the areas of its competence; educational and research work of students, retraining of university graduates in the field of creation and functioning of new systems, forms of life support management in the Arctic, meeting the challenges of the time and aimed at improving the quality of life in the Arctic regions.

- expansion of NEFU regional and international cooperation under the UNESCO/UNITWIN program within the Chair's subject matter; exchange of students, postgraduates and staff with other universities and research institutions;

- holding international conferences, symposiums, round tables, seminars held under the auspices of UNESCO/UNITWIN.