Welcome to Teacher Training Institute!


Our mission is to provide a high standard of education of qualified and competitive teachers for the North-East of Russia on the base of innovation activity of teachers, students and staff in a positive educational environment, opening the path to success for graduates. The Teacher Training Institute focuses on integrating efforts of teachers, psychologists and methodologists of the republic in providing multilevel, continuous professional education.

We are proud of our pedagogical building, where every student becomes a modern and competitive professional. There are all conditions for students to show their abilities not only in study, but in science, public life, art and sports.

Teacher is a high and honourable calling, necessary profession at all times. Young and talented students are welcomed to study at the Teacher Training Institute. Grigorieva A.A., Director of Teacher Training Institute, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor.


Aleksey I. Golikov, Doctor of Pedagocial Sciences

phone(fax): +7(4112)42-07-84, email:,,


Curriculum and Instruction Department

Svetlana E. Zakharova, Chief of the Department

phone(fax): 49-69-16, +7(4112)42-07-84, email:

Sector for Academic Activity Automation

Dmitry V. Lyasheev, Chief of the Sector

phone(fax): 49-69-16, +7(4112)42-07-84, email:

Department of Elementary Education

Nikolay D. Neustroev, Head of the Department, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

phone(fax): 49-69-16, +7(4112)42-07-84, email:

Department of Preschool Education

Antonina A. Grigorieva, Head of the Department, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

phone(fax): 49-69-16, +7(4112)42-07-84

Department of Special (speech pathology) Education

Irina A. Yudina, Head of the Department, Candidate for Pedagogical Sciences, Associate professor

phone(fax): 49-69-16, +7(4112)42-07-84