Research activity is one of the most important areas of the medical institute.

A significant scientific staff in the different fields of medicine (more than 28 Doctors of Med.Sci. and 104 PhDs) work in the Medical Institute. Doctoral and PhD Council works in 17 specialties. 37 postgraduate students and applicants study in 15 specialties. Scientific researches are carried out in 47 research areas. Scientific schools, recognized in Russia and abroad, successfully are working.

The main scientific directions

* Medical-ecological monitoring of the health of the population in the area of industrial development of the North (Doctor of Med Sci, professor Petrova P.G.);

* Clinical, epidemiological and molecular genetic characteristics of major diseases of the nervous system in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (Doctor of Med.Sci, professor Nikolaeva T.Y., MD Maximova N.R.);

* Medical-social, clinical, epidemiological and organizational problems of the health of children and adolescents in modern conditions (Doctor of Med.Sci, professor Chandy М.V.);

* Socially significant infections in the North (Doctor of Med.Sci, professor Lineva Z.Е.);

* Development of new technologies of healthy lifestyle and evaluation of the health status of the population of the Northern territories (Doctor of Med.Sci, professor Palshyn G.А.).

The research level, development dynamics of the main research directions and their compliance with the training profile

The main scientific direction of the Medical Institute is "Physiological and medical aspects of the health of different groups in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)," which includes:

- Development and introduction of health-saving and medical technologies that enhance the life quality of the population in the North.

- Development of new technologies of healthy lifestyle and evaluation of the health status of the population of the Northern territories

- Medical-ecological monitoring of the health status of population in the area of industrial development of the North.

- Clinical-epidemiological and molecular-genetic characteristics of major diseases of the nervous system in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

- Medical-social, clinical-epidemiological and organizational problems of health of children and adolescents in modern conditions

- Dynamics and development of long-term forecasts of demographic development and health of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Scientific researches are carried out according to the thematic plan, annually approved by the Scientific and Technical Council of the Institute. The plan of scientific-technical council and plan of scientific events are approved annually also.

In the medical Institute there are 28 Doctors of medical and biological sciences and 104 PhDs (excluding part-time workers). Among them there are two members of the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 1 Honored Scientist of Russia, one Honored Worker of Higher School of Russia, 6 - Honored workers of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 1 member of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Higher Education and 3 active members of various academies.

Scientific and Educational Centers have been created and registered in NEFU.

ñ The genetic health of the population in the North ( supervisor Petrova P.G, Doctor of Med.Sci, professor).

ñ Socially important diseases in the North (supervisor Lineva Z.E, Doctor of Med.Sci, Professor ).

ñ Innovative high-tech programs health promoting Northeast region of the Russian Federation (supervisor Palshin G.A, Doctor of Med.Sci, professor).

Students took part in 346 events at various levels in 2009, 113 - in 2010, 57 events in 2011 and 240 - in 2012 . Number of participants of international activities has grown and regional – has reduced, that indicated improving quality of the results of scientific research.

Total number of publications, including students

In 2009 theere were 420 published works: 3 foreign articles, 32 of federal level, 50 - of highest certifying commission level, collections of scientific works - 5

517 scientific works were published in 2010: 14 foreign articles, 65 of federal editions, 64 - of the highest certifying commissions, collections of works - 10.

In 2011 the number of scientific publications was 476: foreign - 9, federal - 50, highest certification commissions- 76. 18 collections of scientific works.

In 2012, 450 articles were published: 19 foreign, 163 of federal level, of highest certification committee - 148, 12 collections of works.

The number of articles in journals.

338 scientific articles were published in reviewed journals of higher attestation committee over the past 5 years at the Medical Institute. 368 publications have been registered in the database of Russian Science Citation Index, Scopus database includes 36 articles and 2 in the database of WebofScience. Aggregate Science Citation Index (Russian Scientific Citation) has increased fr om 21 to 85.

Number and name of published scientific literature.

Medical Institute issued monographs and textbooks. In 2009 three monographs and 27 textbooks were published, 5 of which had Educational and methodical association certificates of the Russian Federation, the Far East and the Ministry of education and science of Sakha (Yakutia). In 2010 there were 5 monographs and 32 textbooks. In 2011, 9 monographs and 28 textbooks were published, including 4 with certificates In 2012 - 5 and 37, and 10 various levels certificates.

Number of post-graduate students to a number of students.

Postgraduate education is realized in 16 specialties. Every year there is a reduction of the number of postgraduate students to a number of students, fr om 4.6 in 2009 to 2.6 in 2012 (accreditation index 4.0).

The effectiveness of post-graduate, doctoral.

29 people have defended PhD theses over 5 years.

The application of staff scientific - research results in education (in the disciplines).

In five years Medical Institute has issued 27 monographs, 125 educational and teaching manuals, 23 of them with the certificates of Methodological Association Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, recommendations, 45 collections of scientific works, 338 scientific articles were published in reviewed journals.

The results of the research work of students

The number of the medical institute student scientific societies has increased from 33 in 2009 to 70 in 2013. The number of members of the scientific community has increased to 350 for 5 years. Thus 20% of students participating in scientific life.

Every year the number of participants in international scientific events increases. 18 exhibitions at various levels for 5 years. 2 Russian know-how with patents were got together with the students.

In 2009, students won 2 Grants of the President of Sakha (Yakutia), in 2011 they won at 6 different levels and 4 grants in 2012.

Total 530 works were published by students in 2009, including 213 - without co-authors.

Every year, students participate in commercial research projects, including state budget and as part of the creative contest group.

Collaboration with industrial enterprises and other organizations in innovative projects realization

The teaching and research laboratories have been organized at the clinic of medical institute NEFU

-Clinical diagnostic laboratory (head Egorova V. E.)

-Genomic medicine (head Maximova N. R., Doctor of Med.Sci)

-Immunological laboratory (head Kononova I. V., PhD.)

-Laboratory of neuropsychological researches (head Pshennikova G. M., PhD)

-Microbiology Laboratory (head Ilarova V. I., Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation)

Also in 2011, small innovative enterprises were created and registered at the Arctic Innovation Center.

-Gifts of Yakutia (director E. E. Borisov)

-Gene diagnostics (director Maximova N. R.)

-Bio-spectrum (director Akhremenko Ya.A)

International cooperation in scientific research, education and innovation projects in the framework of international funds and programs

1. By the results of the 3-year-long collaboration, according to the memorandum of cooperation, Dalian Medical University has allocated seven scholarships for graduates of the pediatric department of the Medical Institute (Kirillina R.V., Dorofeeva Z.V., Korchagunova T. A., Desyatkina L. E. and others) for magister degree studying.

2. The International Summer School-Seminar "The person before and after birth" with the participation of the pediatric department of Dalian Medical Committee was organized in June 24 to June 29, 2012 in Dalian (China). The chairman of the regional branch of the pediatricians Union of Russia, head of Dept. of Childhood Illness, professor Savvina N. V.

The Summer School participants were teachers of pediatric departments of the Medical Institute of Dalian Medical University and representative of the Department of Foreign Languages, technical and natural function of the NEFU, pediatricians, gynecologists from Yakutsk and Dalian, students of Medical Institute of the NEFU and Liaolin University Chinese medicine.

The purpose of this school is educational and developing technologies of prenatal education and the birth of healthy children, support and development of their mental abilities.

On June 24 pediatricians of NEFU organized the World day of prenatal music wh ere pregnant women in Dalian, doctors of Dalyansky children's hospital took partn the bank of the Yellow Sea.

On June 25 within Summer school there was international symposium of "Current problems of pre-and postnatal health and child upbrining" wh ere teachers of NEFU and Chinese scientists presented their reports. The collection of symposium materials was published by the Union of pediatricians of Russia.

On June 26-28, 2012 the master class of Lazarev Mikhail Lvovich – the author of SONATAL technique in prenatal fetus health and INTONING – education of the genius (Moscow, Scientific Center of Health of Children of the Russian Academy of Medical Science) was carried out.

All participants of summer school received certificates: Certificate of International Summer school "Personality before and after the birth", certificate of the international symposium of "Current problems of pre-and postnatal health and child upbrining", on June 25, 2012;

Staff of Northeast federal university took manual recommendations "The method of prenatal prophilaxis and improvement of the pregnant woman and fetus "SONATAL" and "Cognitive and somatic gymnastics for infants and children of early age (INTONING method)". You can find these materials at department of propaedeutics of children's diseases of Medical Institute of North-Eastern Federal University, department of children's diseases with the course of general health care at the institute of Postdegree Doctors Training, department of foreign languages in technical and natural specialties of NEFU.

Delegation of North-Eastern Federal University as an exchange program has visited the Dalian Perinatal Clinic and Clinic № 1 of the Dalian Medical University; participated at the seminar with colleagues of pediatric department of the Dalian medical university on actual problems of pediatric science and medical education.

Professor Qiu Yan, director of Department biochemistry and molecular biology Dalyan Medical University, China took part in the IV international Congress "The ecology and health of the person in the north" in December 4 - 7, 2013. with the report "Effect of radiation on embryoinmplantation".

The NEFU medical institute and hospital Yangsanpna signed an agreement in September 28, 2011 of scientific and practical cooperation between Federal Public Autonomous Educational Institution of the Highest Vocational Education of NEFU and Pusan national university. They will carry out researches in hereditary diseases of neuromuscular system in various ethnic groups. Research supervisors of the program: fprof. T.Y. Nikolaeva – Medical Institute NEFU, prof. Dea-Seong Kim from Pusan university.

Professor Dai-Seong Kim, head of neurology department of Yangsan hospital took part on August 24-26, 2011 in the Fourth International scientific and practical conference "Problems of Vilyuysky Encephalomyelitis and Degenerate Diseases of Brain in Yakutia". He reported about “Clinical and genetic variety of skeletal and muscular kanalopatiya in Korea, and carried out two master classes in Republican hospital №1 in neurologic department, consulted 4 patients with neuromuscular pathology.

In September, 2011 the NEFU delegation : director of Medical Institute, prof. P. G. Petrova and the head of neurology department, prof. T.Y. Nikolaeva visited Pusan university. During this visit, they met the opportunities of neurophysiological, genetic and immunohistochemical laboratories as a part of Yangsan hospital and work of neurologic department. The contract was signed and the cooperation program was accepted after discussion.

Two experts will study developing modern methods of diagnostics at Pusan national university (ENMG immuno-histochemical methods and molecular-genetic). From June 1, 2012 till May 30, 2013 internship student of NEFU Artem Semenov A. (certificate) had practice on the basis of the neurological Department of theYangsan hospital. Expected results: the introducing modern methods of diagnostics of neuromuscular diseases, teaching methods of electron microscopy muscle tissue in the work of the Medical Institute clinic of NEFU . These methods have not been used in our Republic, due to the lack of trained specialists.

In 2014 another young specialist M.A. Andreev will have training in neurophysiology. The results will be analyzed and published in the press.

Student Ozhegov Pavel Sergeevitch (Pediatrics faculty 502/2) had a training course at the international Summer school of Utrecht in July 8-19, 2013, Utrecht, the Netherlands. Topic: multi-professional cooperation for patients with stroke. It was organized by the NEFU Grant (Certificate).

The Department cooperates with the National Institute of health, USA,Bethesda, Maryland (Dr.LevGoldfarb, National Institute of Health) and Laboratory of RNA Rockefeller University, New York (Dr. NeilRenwick, Rockefeller University). Subject of collaborative research: amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Eastern Siberia (The Molecular Genetics of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Overlap Syndromes in the Sakha-feel Republic, Eastern Siberia).

NEFU staff visited the Department of Pediatrics, Osaka University (Osaka, Japan) for genomic medicine laboratory from 15 July to 5 August 2013. The purpose of the trip was to learn the basic biochemical methods of diagnostics of hereditary diseases of the metabolism (enzymatic analysis), and cultivation of fibroblasts, necessary for research of rare unknown metabolic diseases and introduction of these methods into practice in our laboratory.

There was also a visit to the University of Osaka (Japan) on March 4-7, 2013. There was an oral agreement of training specialist for diagnosis of orphan diseases.